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Vladimir Putin's feet keep twitching as discusses war in Ukraine with kids

Vladimir Putin's feet keep twitching as discusses war in Ukraine with kids

Vladimir Putin was discussing the war in Ukraine with Russian schoolchildren, but all eyes were on his feet

Eagle-eyed theorists have spotted that Vladimir Putin’s feet kept twitching whilst he was giving a talk to some schoolchildren about the war in Ukraine, sparking speculation that the Russian President is not well.

Of course, we’ve no idea whether Putin is unwell or not, but this is far from the first time that speculation about his health has been rife.

This time, the 69-year-old Russian premier was speaking seated in a chair in front of a group of school children in Kaliningrad, explaining his version of events in Ukraine to them.

Speaking to the kids on the Russian ‘Day of Knowledge’ Putin shifted his feet uncomfortably and seemingly unconsciously. You can see what we're on about in this video:

Over the course of the hour or so he spoke to the kids, he impressed upon them the importance of serving their homeland, as well as discussing his own mentors from his time at the KGB.

Speaking about one such mentor who ‘did illegal work overseas’ Putin said that his hero ‘did not expect gratitude from the motherland’ but had ‘himself been grateful to his motherland for giving him the opportunity to be in work and be in demand’.

Of the fighting in Ukraine, Putin said: “The guys fighting there [for Russia] are risking their health and dying.

“They must understand what they are giving their lives for.

“For Russia and for the people of Donbas.”

Vladimir Putin addressing kids in Kaliningrad.
RIA Novosti

Outside of his speech to the children, much of the media outside Russia has focused on his feet twitching, given the ongoing speculation about whether he is ill.

Back in May, others noticed the same behaviour during a sit-down Putin had with the President of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon.

It’s pretty scant evidence, but that hasn’t stopped the rumour mill from kicking into overdrive.

A former British spy also made claims in May that Putin was ill, alleging that Russia sources had informed him of the president’s health.

Christopher Steele, who led the M16 Russia desk and was a spy in Moscow for several years, told Sky News: "Certainly, from what we're hearing from sources in Russia and elsewhere, is that Putin is, in fact, quite seriously ill."

Steele added: "It's not clear exactly what this illness is — whether it's incurable or terminal, or whatever.

"But certainly, I think it's part of the equation."

Speculation about the Russian president's health has been rife.
RIA Novosti

Those claims were reiterated by the Ukrainian head of military intelligence, Maj. Gen. Kyrylo Budanov.

Budanov told Sky Putin was in a ‘very bad psychological and physical condition and he is very sick’.

Naturally, it’s nearly impossible to confirm or refute claims about Putin’s health, and we’re unlikely to hear anything from inside his inner circle.

It might help explain what he’s doing with his feet, though.

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Featured Image Credit: RIA Novosti

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