Video Shows Police Arresting Man Even After Admitting They’d Pulled Over The Wrong Car


Video Shows Police Arresting Man Even After Admitting They'd Pulled Over The Wrong Car@lastcall702/TikTok

A TikTok appears to show Las Vegas police pulling over the wrong car, but still putting the driver in handcuffs.

Two separate clips were posted by @lastcall702 in late June, showing several police officers standing outside their cars, with their sirens blaring, pointing their guns at another vehicle off-screen.


One of the officers can be heard instructing the driver to throw his keys out of the car, remove his seatbelt and step out of the vehicle. However, in the end, it turns out they’d pulled over the wrong person – not that it stopped his arrest.

The first TikTok has already been viewed nearly 400,000 times, set to the backing track of N.W.A.’s F*ck Tha Police. After commanding the driver to get out of his car, other officers approach the squad from behind, with one shouting: ‘Hey, wrong car!’


‘What? This ain’t it?’ one of the officers replies, as the others start to realise they’ve pulled over the wrong vehicle. ‘These motherf*ckers got the wrong car,’ the person filming comments.

Alas, despite their error, they continue to instruct the driver to get out of the vehicle and walk slowly towards them. They tell him to ‘settle down’, to which he says: ‘You’ve got guns on me, what the f*ck do you mean, settle down? That’s my house right there.’

They soon put handcuffs on him while officers check his van, despite knowing it isn’t the right car, before seeming to ask him to apologise to them in return for them saying sorry for their error. ‘Just get me out of these cuffs and let me go about my day, please and thank you,’ he says, before he’s let go.


The videos have amassed thousands of comments. ‘How many cops does it take to pull over the wrong car,’ one wrote. ‘Listen to their words and demeanour after knowing they have the wrong car. All should be fired,’ another commented. ‘Settle down we’re so wrong but don’t you dare ask us any questions or be upset,’ a third user wrote.

‘Knowing it’s not what they were looking for and they still be escalating situations with innocent people,’ a fourth wrote. ‘Completely irresponsible. I will respect the blue, when the blue respects the citizens they are paid to serve,’ a fifth commented. ‘Again the reason we don’t trust cops, they know they got the wrong car and still guns are pointed,’ a sixth wrote.

The Las Vegas Police Department hasn’t responded to the videos at the time of writing.


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  1. @lastcall702

    Las Vegas Cops pull over wrong car ! #blacklivesmatter #clowncops #mybad

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