Vet Struck Off For Injecting Friends With Horse Tranquiliser

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Vet Struck Off For Injecting Friends With Horse Tranquiliser@murrayvets/Instagram

An Australian vet has been struck off after injecting herself and her friends with horse tranquiliser. 

Catherine McGuigan, who worked at Murray Veterinary Services in Coolup since at least 2015, was sacked after being found guilty of unprofessional conduct for illegally administering drugs to humans that were only intended for animals.

As a result, she’s been been struck off the register of Veterinary Surgeons in Western Australia and handed a $1,000 fine.

McGuigan gave the horse tranquiliser, known better as ketamine, to an anonymous couple with whom she ‘socialised regularly and from time to time, took trips away together during which they used illicit drugs including ecstasy and cocaine for recreational purposes’, MailOnline reports.

Ketamine is often sold as grainy white or light brown powder, and while it looks similar to cocaine, it affects a person’s ability to feel pain, leaving them feeling detached and dream-like.

Ketamine is used as a horse tranquiliser. (Alamy)Alamy

During a night of partying at a Wannanup rental, McGuigan took a 100ml bottle of ketamine from her car for herself and her friends. Before injecting the other woman, the vet asked how much she weighed so she could work out the correct dosage.

The next morning, the couple were asked to keep the drug usage a secret, as it would threaten McGuigan’s job if anyone found out.

However, a month later, McGuigan was found to have injected the same woman with 20ml of diazepam, another hospital drug that is commonly used as a muscle relaxer, in order to help her street. She allegedly swallowed it straight out the syringe.

Shortly after Christmas last year, McGuigan also administered herself with a dose of Airway Gel, which is usually used to clear up any respiratory problems in horses.

The tribunal ruled that her actions ‘would reasonably be regarded as disgraceful or dishonourable by registered veterinary surgeons of good repute and competency’. McGuigan took full responsibility and admitted fault in her actions.

It was noted the vet admitted she was at fault and was remorseful and has accepted responsibility for her actions.

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  1. MailOnline

    Glamorous veterinarian is struck off after confessing that she injected her friends and herself with HORSE TRANQUILLISER on a drug-fuelled weekend bender

Cameron Frew
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