Vegan Who Refused Vaccine Over Animal Cruelty Concerns Dies From Covid


Vegan Who Refused Vaccine Over Animal Cruelty Concerns Dies From CovidSWNS/Alamy

A vegan man has passed away from COVID-19 after refusing the vaccine over animal testing concerns.

More than 115 million vaccines have been administered across the UK. While effective in reducing coronavirus hospitalisations, anti-vaxxers have several reasons for their hesitance or staunch refusal: concerns over the contents of the vaccine; believing their own body to be more reliable than medicine; and often, it’s the result of online misinformation.


Glynn Steel, 54, died from COVID-19 earlier this month. He didn’t want the vaccine because the likes of Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson all tested their doses on animals.

Glynn Steel. (SWNS)SWNS

While Steel was already reluctant to get immunised, he was further put off by reports of animal testing – considered a key part of the development process for the vaccine. Some conspiracy theorists alleged there was no animal testing as the vaccine was ‘rushed’, but this is false, and there were no significant safety concerns off the back of the animal trials.

Late last month, Steel started to feel ill with a cold, which quickly worsened within a matter of days. On November 2, his wife Emma tried to phone an ambulance, but had to drive him to Worcestershire Royal Hospital herself as none were available at the time.

Glynn Steel. (GoFundMe)GoFundMe

‘I still don’t know how I got him in my car. He was so heavy that I couldn’t even push him in a wheelchair at the hospital. Eventually, a young lad appeared and offered to help, he was there because his mum was also unwell and couldn’t get an ambulance either, so he had to bring her to the hospital like I did,’ Emma said.

By the time they arrived, Steel was unconscious and just over a week later, he was put on life support and a medically-induced coma. On November 16, within 20 minutes of his life support machine being switched off, he passed away. ‘I have never felt so ill, I wish I’d had the vaccine,’ he told her before he died, she recalled.

‘I insist to everyone I know to get the vaccine… it was heart-wrenching. He begged for the vaccine when he was in intensive care before he went on life support but they said that it was too late,’ Emma said.

Glynn Steel. (SWNS)SWNS

‘I’ve been crying myself into a dehydration every night and letting the tears flow like a river in the morning and waking up in the night crying. It’s having to tell people that loved him that they will never see him again, and seeing that pain in them. I’m used to trying to make people laugh, not cry.

‘He was a very gentle soul, he was a vegan and didn’t want the COVID vaccine because it was tested on animals.’

Steel’s family has launched a GoFundMe page to raise funds for his funeral. So far, it’s raised more than £1,900 towards a £4,000 target.


If you have experienced a bereavement and would like to speak with someone in confidence contact Cruse Bereavement Care via their national helpline on 0808 808 1677

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