US Podcaster Claims Biden Caused Deadly Tornadoes With ‘Weather Weapon’ In ‘Unhinged Rant’

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US Podcaster Claims Biden Caused Deadly Tornadoes With 'Weather Weapon' In 'Unhinged Rant'Rufus Thompson

Far-right radio host Alex Jones has made the bold and baseless claim that President Joe Biden caused the recent deadly tornadoes in several US states using a so-called ‘weather weapon’.

Last weeks, deadly tornadoes tore through the states of Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and Illinois, causing widespread destruction and power loss.

Tragically, at least 74 people in Kentucky died as a result of the tornadoes, with 100 more still unaccounted for. Dozens more lost their lives in the states of Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Illinois.

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In a statement given Monday, December 13, Michael Mann, director of Penn State University’s Earth System Science Center, gave the following explanation for the tornadoes:

We tend to call these things natural disasters, but this isn’t a natural disaster. This is a disaster that was exacerbated by human-caused climate change.

During a recent episode of The Alex Jones Show, aired the same day that Mann made these comments, Jones told his listeners that the US government had built secret ‘weather weapons’ back in the 1950s, citing a talk by former CIA Director John Brennan as ‘evidence’ to back up his theory.

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Brennan delivered his speech during a 2016 Council on Foreign Relations event, which saw him discuss the pros and cons of geoengineering the climate as a possible means of fighting climate change.

Jones said:

I can play you an hour-long lecture by John Brennan, when he was CIA director, admitting that, ‘Oh, other governments don’t like what we are doing, it can cause weather problems’. Weather weapons that were developed in the Fifties.

So, they just think you’re stupid and they don’t want you knowing they are doing all of this. They’ve got carbon systems they are putting in – big, huge geo-engineering systems, terraforming systems, that are sucking carbon dioxide out of the air when it’s a trace gas that we need.

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Jones then went on to suggested that President Biden could have ‘ordered’ the power to be turned off in Texas back in February, at a time when the state battled a ferocious winter storm and resulting power outages.

He concluded:

So the question is did they use weather weapons to cause the tornadoes? That’s a legitimate question to ask.

This Wednesday, President Biden will travel to Kentucky to survey the hardest-hit areas. There is no evidence to support Jones’ theory that he used secret weather weapons to create the tornadoes.

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Julia Banim
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