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Man who's lived in nearly every major US city shares which three are the worst

Man who's lived in nearly every major US city shares which three are the worst

His opinions have gotten social media users pretty riled up

A TikToker has revealed the three worst US cities to live in during your 20s, and it's left people pretty riled up.

Founder and CEO of feat clothing brand, Taylor Offer, has lived in 'almost every major US city.'

Last year, he uploaded a video to TikTok sharing his opinion on the 'three worst cities to live in in the US in your 20s,' justifying his choices with reasons including high prices, the weather and nightlife.

Question is, does your city make the list?

And does his number one pick come as a shock?

A TikToker has shared the worst US cities to live in in your 20s.
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Third place: Miami

The unlucky city coming in at number three is Miami, Florida.

Despite being the home of the OG Burger King, he explains his reasoning for the 'shocker' being the weather and how expensive living in the city is.

Offer says Miami is 'super fun for a weekend' and many people go there and think it's 'awesome,' but he argues if you actually decide to settle down and live there, you will 'hate it'.

He says: "First of all, three or four months of the year you cannot walk outside, it is so muggy. You walk outside and you drip sweat within five minutes. It is miserable, you don't want to leave your house.

"Number two is if you're in there in your 20s, you're gonna feel so poor. Everywhere you go it's clubs, it's restaurants, it's expensive, it's people flexing and [...] you just can't do stuff."

So which city comes in as runner up?

Miami and San Francisco both made the list with a key reason being how expensive they are.
Alexander Spatari/Getty Images

Second place: San Franciso

That would be San Francisco.

The TikToker's reasons? It's 'horrible,' 'extremely expensive for rent' and the 'guy to girl ratio is just like 12 guys for one girl which sucks'.

And, speaking from experience, Offers says you get 'fresh human faeces on your doorstep every morning,' which sounds like a s*** deal to be fair.

But, Nashville took the top spot due to its unhealthy food and 'backwards' attitude.
Dan Reynolds Photography/Getty Images

First place: Nashville

And last, and apparently very much least, is Nashville.

Offer argues the city is the worst of all because there is 'no healthy food'.

"Everything is fried so you'll gain 20 pounds instantly," he says, noting they 'don't believe in salads' and there's beer 'everywhere.'

He also said Nashville is 'really racist and backwards in many ways' too, with him being Jewish, Offer says 'they didn't like that'.

TikTokers have flooded to the post to given their opinions on Offer's list, and the verdict is pretty mixed.

One user said: "I feel the exact same about Nashville and oh my G*d you took the words out of my mouth. I feel so validated."

However, another argued: "The Nashville one is so off."

"San Francisco is probably the easiest city to get around bc of public transit," a third commented, while a fourth wrote: "I lived in Miami when I was 25, it was incredible."

Each to their own, I guess.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@tayloroffer

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