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Woman stunned after winning $500,000 on scratch card that a friend brought for her

Woman stunned after winning $500,000 on scratch card that a friend brought for her

That's one hell of a birthday present!

A woman was left gobsmacked when she realised that the scratch card her friend bought her for her birthday won her $500,000.

We've all fantasised about what we would do if we won a large amount of money. Whether it's a scratch card or the lottery, it's a lovely fantasy to imagine.

Some people might go on a massive spending spree and splurge it all on fancy cars and luxury holidays.

Then there are people who might take a more sensible approach, paying off student debt and buying a house in cash so they don't have to pay rent anymore.

Others might even use their new-found wealth to quit their job and pursue the life they always wanted.

There are two things you must always do, though: Don't tell anyone, and get financial advice from a professional.

Sadly, the women in this video has not done the first one, as the woman's new-found birthday wealth has gone viral on social media.

She shows off the winning scratchcard in the video.
X / ODDSbible

$500k is not to be sniffed at either; that could wipe off student debt and be either a house in cash or a downpayment, depending on where you live.

It is fair to say that it's a life-changing amount of money.

She and her friends were delighted by the news, though admittedly, the friend who gave her the ticket looked a little, well, let's just say 'subdued'.

I mean, you would be.

People pointed out that a win like that could put some stress on a friendship once the friend who bought the ticket realises they gave away $500k.

One wrote: "Girl in the back devastated for buying her friend the ticket and is about to get a 10-piece nugget in exchange."

Another replied: "She has to go half’s with her friend, she bought the ticket bless her."

That's a big win!
ODDSbible / X

Others questioned the wisdom of announcing your new-found wealth to the world on social media.

One wrote: "Well they should have not recorded this. I just hope they are 18."

It's not the first time this has happened. In April 2023, a woman from Kentucky won $500k on scratch cards bought by her husband for her birthday.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, told lottery officials: “It’s hard to buy for somebody who has everything, so I thought, ‘I’ll give her $100 in scratch-offs'.”

Well, that certainly paid off for her, as $500k off $100 isn't a bad rate of return by anyone's judgement!

Happily, on this occasion, the lucky winner decided to split the money with her friends.

Featured Image Credit: Oddsbible/collab

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