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Voter Fraud Video Shared By Rudy Giuliani Was TikTok Prank

Mike Williams


Voter Fraud Video Shared By Rudy Giuliani Was TikTok PrankPics: Borg Clone/YouTube/PA Images

A TikTok creator had admitted to sharing a prank video that Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, tried to cite as evidence of voter fraud during the 2020 US election.

With Trump’s personal attorney determined to prove that voter fraud was rife during this November’s election – when it wasn’t – the saga continues to get stranger and stranger.


After the POTUS and his closest Republican allies made very public statements about widespread voter fraud and branding the election corrupt, after he lost the electoral college and popular vote to former vice president Joe Biden, we’ve heard various unsubstantiated accusations of electoral rigging.

It saw the president tweet that he was suing all the states that Biden has gone on to win, in a hope to wipe out the votes counted.

Election 2020 TrumpPA Images

Giuliani, who went viral when Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm put him in a compromising position with a young woman in a hotel room, made headlines again when he conducted a press conference in the car park of a garden centre, Four Seasons Total Landscaping, situated between a crematorium and a sex shop.


Now, he’s retweeted another wild claim that there’s evidence of ballot tampering – only, the person who made the video has since come clean as a joker who faked the entire thing.

Check it out below:

The TikTok video – shared by @clutchcalvin – was originally posted by @bifchoppadoe, and was added into a tweet and actually retweeted by Giuliani, before it was removed from the platform.


The short clip shows someone who appears to be at working at a ballot station, counting the votes, seeing one for ‘Donald J. Dumb Trump’, and ripping it up and throwing it behind his back, which sent his supporters into a frenzy.

According to Insider, the creator of it, Dale Harrison, revealed it was fake on his Facebook page, and that he was ‘always joking’, stating he’d popped on his Amazon work uniform to trick people.

Hannah Smith

It’s the latest in a string of false allegations and cock-ups when it comes to the Trump campaign seeking solid proof of large-scale election fraud – mainly because there is none.


CNN, Fox News and a number of other outlets called the presidential race on Saturday, November 7, after Trump took an initial lead in several key states on election day, November 3, only for former President Barack Obama’s VP to take a majority of the mail-in ballots that were counted over the subsequent three days.

With a number of high-profile Republicans as well as members of the Trump family taking to social media to convince people that the 45th president was cheated out of another four years in the White House, there has been no evidence produced to support the claim.

One of the latest embarrassments has been the voter fraud hotline the Trump administration set up, which has been inundated with prank calls.

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Mike Williams
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