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TikTok gets sued by 5,000 parents claiming app is 'poisoning America’s youth'

TikTok gets sued by 5,000 parents claiming app is 'poisoning America’s youth'

Thousands of parents are suing TikTok over fears it is negatively impacting and poisoning young people.

TikTok is finding itself in hot water as parents are banding together in hopes of bringing the social media platform down.

Most older generations tend to claim that the latest trend or new thing is causing the issues seen in young people.

At one point it was the radio, then the television, then the internet and now its social media. However, the fight against TikTok may be gaining momentum.

ClaimsHero, a company that says they don’t offer legal services but rather help people ‘communicate with lawyers and support [them] in managing their claim during the arbitration process’, is representing parents who are warning that the popular social media platform is dangerous.

The fight against TikTok may be gaining momentum.
Idrees Abbas/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

The lawsuit is being pushed by at least 5,000 parents and they hope to bring on more parents who are concerned about the platform.

Explaining the issue these parents have against TikTok, the ClaimsHero website reads: “An Algorithm poisoning America’s Youth: TikTok is a weapon targeted at America’s youth. Its search algorithm turns the platform into a drug – featuring relentless violent, sexual, and even suicidal content that targets children as young as 12 years old.

“We will manage the claim process for you from end-to-end, while working with the lawyers representing you, so that there is less of a burden on you during the litigation process. And if you win, you may be eligible for a cash award.

“Share your TikTok story with us and your family may be eligible for up to $10,000. Together, we can hold TikTok accountable, protect our children, and safeguard the future of America. Join us now!”

One of the parents involved, Brittany Edwards, has explained she is taking part because she claims the application had a bad influence on her daughter.

Parent Brittany Edwards has explained she is taking part because she claims the application is a bad influence.
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Speaking to the New York Post, she recalled the heart-stopping moment she was told by a friend that her 12-year-old daughter had posted a TikTok saying “LOWKEY GONNA COMMIT Suicide.”

ClaimsHero Founder Kelvin Goode has also insisted it is important to take action now due to a recent caveat TikTok added into its user agreement.

“In July 2023, TikTok quietly introduced a provision in its user agreement that requires parents to file a claim within a year [of them creating an account] or lose their chance at pursuing damages forever,” Goode told the New York Post.

While those taking it up against TikTok hope their claim forces the platform to take on greater responsibility, it is not clear how successful the movement is likely to be.

UNILAD has contacted TikTok for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Dan Kitwood/Matt Cardy/Getty Images

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