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Shopper outraged at store's 'insane' price by charging $14 for jar of mayo

Shopper outraged at store's 'insane' price by charging $14 for jar of mayo

The shopper took to TikTok to express her disbelief over the price of a jar of mayonnaise

A woman has shared her utter disbelief over the price of a jar of mayonnaise, saying the grocery store 'got to be losing their d**n minds'.

Of course, everyone has been feeling the pinch in recent times - with prices at an all time high, times are tougher than ever for many.

And that is unfortunately the case here in the United States, with prices of energy, water and food skyrocketing, resulting in people struggling to pay for even the basics.

While you'd think basic grocery items would still be somewhat affordable, it's time to think again after one woman's TikTok video has left many reeling in shock over the price for a simple jar of mayonnaise. Take a look:

Linda Souders, who goes by @thefrugalsuperstar on the video platform, shared her disbelief when she came across a jar of Miracle Whip mayonnaise while shopping in a Key Food grocery store.

She wrote in the caption: "Thought I was getting some Miracle Whip from Key Foods today. I thought wrong!"

She then said in the video: “Can somebody tell me when Miracle went up to $13.99?".

Proving her point, Linda then shows the evidence, in which the label clearly states $13.99 for one single jar. Yep.

"They have got to be losing they d**n minds. It’s a regular 30-ounce jar," Linda continues.

"They have got to be losing they rabid a*s minds if they think I’m going to pay $13.99 for some d**n Miracle Whip.”

Unsurprisingly, Linda's followers were just as gobsmacked as she was, with one saying: "No wonder everyone stealing everything. Crazy ass inflation."

One simple jar of Miracle Whip mayonnaise was priced at $13.99. Ouch.

And another claimed the grocery store is known for its steep prices, saying: "Key foods I’m Connecticut is just as expensive. Coffee creamer $8... I went to a different local store & paid $4 for the same creamer."

While someone even suggested to 'make your own mayonnaise' as it's apparently cheaper.

"You can make homemade for about 2 bucks," they claimed, to which Linda said she was going to attempt.

But some were convinced that the staggering price was a mistake on the store's part, with one saying: "That has to be a mistake, maybe 3.99$?"

Well, it turns out that Miracle Whip isn't the only pricey item available to purchase in Key Food, as another viral TikTok video showed the steep prices for even more basics.

The video, which was posted a few months ago, showed that Cheerios cost $9.19 while Oreos cost $7.49 - though the locations of these Key Food stores has not been disclosed.

UNILAD has contacted Key Food for a comment on the matter.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@thefrugalsuperstar

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