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Terrifying video shows moment SUV smashes into Denny's on Labor Day leaving many injured

Terrifying video shows moment SUV smashes into Denny's on Labor Day leaving many injured

Many people were injured in the awful crash

A man has described the harrowing moment an SUV crashed into the dining room of a Denny's where he and his wife had been enjoying a Labor Day meal.

Horrifying footage shows the aftermath of the vehicle smashing through the glass at the front of the restaurant in Rosenberg Texas, injuring art least 23 people. Fortunately, no one was killed in the horrific incident.

The restaurant looks as though it has been demolished after the vehicle struck the front. Bits of glass, concrete, and other debris from inside the restaurant can be seen strewn around what is left of the interior.

Roy Rodriguez had been sitting inside the restaurant enjoying a Labor Day meal with his wife. The vehicle smashed through he window and came to rest in the dining area.

Roy told FOX 26: "I heard a bang bang. I said somebody's shooting in here, and all of a sudden everything was on the table, the car was right there, right next to us."

Roy became trapped under a table, while his wife was stuck in a booth. Rescuers were able to help them both get free of the wreckage.

The SUV came to rest in the dining room.

He said: "Someone came and helped my wife; she couldn't get out, and they had to get me out because there was stuff down there. I couldn't clear my feet."

Roy's wife suffered a deep cut to her leg during the crash, and her leg may also have been broken. Roy had a number of deep cuts on his arm, and had to receive stitches from medics after the crash.

Rosenberg police have confirmed that some of people affected by the crash were as young as 12 years old.

One woman at the scene told FOX 26 that her 16-year-old nephew and his parents are not in good shape at all, having sustained broken ribs and pelvic injuries.

The SUV is extracted from the Denny's.

However, police have clarified that everybody is expected to survive their injuries.

Those injured ranged from 12 to 60 years old, and while some injuries are severe none are believed to be life threatening.

Rosenberg police have opened an investigation into the incident, which is currently ongoing. They have confirmed that they do not currently have reason to believe that alcohol was a factor in the incident.

The crash happened on Monday at 11.22 in the morning, with the maroon Jeep SUV being driven by a 30-year-old man colliding with the restaurant.

Featured Image Credit: KTRK

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