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Student, 19, identified as passenger who went overboard on world's largest cruise ship

Student, 19, identified as passenger who went overboard on world's largest cruise ship

The 19-year-old went overboard Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas on Tuesday evening

A 19-year-old student has been identified as the passenger who went overboard the world's largest cruise ship.

Sigmund Ropich went overboard Royal Caribbean's Wonder of the Seas on Tuesday evening (29 August), his sister has said.

The 230,000-ton cruise ship, which departed from Port Canaveral, Florida, was off the coast of Cuba, when the incident took place.

Those onboard reportedly heard the alert ‘Oscar, Oscar, Oscar’ called over the vast ship's speakers around 9pm (local time), as it slowed and turned back.

“On August 29, a guest sailing on Wonder of the Seas went overboard," Royal Caribbean told UNILAD in a statement.

"The ship's crew immediately launched a search and rescue operation and is working closely with local authorities.

"Out of respect for the family, we will not share further details about this unfortunate event."

19-year-old student Sigmund Ropich has been identified as the passenger who went overboard.
Facebook/Sigmund Ropich

A search and rescue operation was immediately launched and the body has still not been found, his sister Savannah Ropich alluded to in a Facebook post, which urged authorities to keep looking.

She called for further updates from the cruise liner about her missing brother.

Taking to the social media platform, Savannah was replying to someone else's status which read: "U.S. Coast Guard Sector Miami U.S. Coast Guard Southeast We need updates about the search for the missing boy that fell overboard on Wonder of the Seas.

"We are desperate for answers.

"This is an individual who has so many loving families and friends who needs answers.

"District 7 operators says to wait till ship comes back to port on Sunday. Please continue searching."

"At this point, ANYONE who is willing to help!" Savannah replied.

"We need to apply pressure... Sigmund is not just 'a man' HE IS A SON, A BIG AND A LITTLE BROTHER, A COUSIN, AN UNCLE, A NEPHEW, A FRIEND, A HOMIE, A CLASSMATE, A CO-WORKER, A NEIGHBOR!!!

"Sigmund, literally Alan and I have been in contact with ALL of your friends not just in Washington but California too bro."

Sister Savannah Ropich (right) pictured with her missing brother (left).

Savannah also told Insider: "We were told by the Cuban officials that they are done searching in the ocean.

"They are continuing only on the coast and land. I have a strong feeling they're going to end this search.

"We are very hopeful if they open [the] search back in the ocean.

"We need them to open it again."

"I ask that they take matters like this seriously," she added.

"Install man overboard systems, respond ASAP when someone is yelling 'Oscar, Oscar, Oscar' Be CLEAR when communicating WHO is searching for our boy."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Sigmund Ropich/Wikimedia Commons

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