Religious Woman Assumes Two Cousins Are On Date And Tries To Convert Them


Religious Woman Assumes Two Cousins Are On Date And Tries To Convert Them@kalessh/TikTok

A Christian woman took the liberty of telling two cousins eating at a restaurant, who she assumed to be a same-sex couple, that they are not living ‘the right way’.

A video of the incident, which was posted online by a TikToker named Kaiden, has since been watched more than 15 million times.


In the footage, Kaiden is enjoying a meal with his cousin, Jordan, when a stranger approaches them.

The Christian woman is heard asking the cousins if they go to church anywhere. After they both reply saying they don’t, she says: ‘Do you guys know how to get to heaven?’

Queue awkward silence. She then continues, ‘I just see you guys, you guys aren’t like girfriends are you?’


To which Jordan gracefully tells her, ‘No, we’re cousins, but if we were its genuinely none of your business.’

While the cousins stare at each other in disbelief at what they are hearing, the woman continues: ‘You’re right but I just wanna let you guy know because they don’t teach you young kids anything about god anymore and its not the correct way to live.’

After Jordan challenges her, telling the woman it’s not right to force your views on people and that it was wrong of her to approach them, the stranger replies, ‘God told me to come over and talk to you’.

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The video left internet users shocked, with many Christians flooding the comments to express their support for Kaiden and Jordan.

‘As a Christian, I am embarassed. Only you can give your soul to God, forcing it on someone else does nothing but make them uncomfortable. I’m so sorry,’ one user wrpte.

LGBTQ+ rights in the US have evolved in recent years since a US Supreme Court decision in 2015 delcared same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states. However, members of these communities still face widespread challenges and discrminiation especially in conservative states such as in the Deep South.

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In February, the US House of Representatives passed The Equality Act, an ammenedment of the 1964 Civil Rights Act which will protect LGBTQ+ people against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

If passed into law, the legislation will extend to employment, housing, jury service and other public services. However, it is unlikely to pass the Senate, given that nearly all House Republicans voted against the bill, arguing that it infringes on religious freedom.

The legislation, which is set to be debated on March 17, must recieve 60 votes to pass in the Senate. So far no Senate Republicans, who hold 50 out of 100 seats, have said they will vote in favour of the bill.

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