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Ex-Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio sentenced to 22 years in jail for January 6 riots

Ex-Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio sentenced to 22 years in jail for January 6 riots

It's the longest sentence given to someone convicted of being involved in the deadly insurrection.

The former leader of the far-right group Proud Boys has been given the longest sentence for someone involved in the January 6 riots.

Enrique Tarrio will spend 22 years behind bars for his role in the attack on the US Capitol building back in 2021.

He wasn't present at the landmark on January 6 however he was convicted of seditious conspiracy earlier this year.

US district judge Timothy Kelly told the court that Tarrio was 'the ultimate leader' of the conspiracy and the 'person, who organized, who was motivated by revolutionary zeal'.

Tarrio was accused of having an 'outsized impact on the events of the day'.

"That conspiracy ended up with about 200 men amped up, encircling the Capitol, prepared for battle, led by his codefendants," he said.

He added: “The jury didn’t convict anyone for engaging in politics, they convicted Mr. Tarrio and others of engaging in seditious conspiracy.

“I don’t have any indication that he is remorseful for the actual things he is convicted of, which is seditious conspiracy and conspiracy to obstruct the counting of electoral votes.”

More than 1,100 people involved in the insurrection have been convicted so far and Tarrio's sentence is by far the longest.

The previous record holder was The Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, who received 18 years in prison.

Before Tarrio was sentenced, he begged for mercy.

“Please show me mercy,” he said.

“I ask you that you not take my 40s from me.”

Featured Image Credit: Eva Marie Uzcategui Trinkl/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images. Brent Stirton/Getty Images.

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