Protesters Storm Racist’s House After He Gave His Address Out In Racist Rant

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Protesters Storm Racist's House After He Gave His Address Out In Racist RantYouTube/America's Most Jaunted

A man who gave out his address during a racism-fuelled verbal exchange was visited by dozens of protestors who stormed his house.

The man was filmed verbally harassing someone in his community in Mount Laurel, NJ, on Friday, July 2, and while it’s unclear exactly what caused the disagreement, the fallout has shocked many.

In the footage, a man in a green shirt, identified as Edward Cagney Mathews, can be heard using racist slurs as a Black man tries to get him to vacate the area. During the confrontation, Mathews reveals that the police are coming because he’s been ‘assaulted’ and also states his address while telling the person recording to ‘come f***ing see me.’

Here is the original video:

After questioning what country the Black man was from and using numerous slurs, the police intervene towards the end of the recording. The officer ignores the racist slurs and attempts to speak to the people who had been the focus of Mathews’ abuse.

Many were shocked by Mathews’ outburst, with people commenting on the video, ‘There were many non-racist incidents throughout the past year that were falsely labeled as racist, but this, this is undeniably 100% racist.’ As a result of the blatant racism displayed, protestors decided to give Mathews the visit he asked for.

As many as 150 protestors took Mathews up on the invitation and were seen outside his house on Monday, July 5. ‘We want Edward!’ the demonstrators, many of whom sported Black Lives Matter shirts, shouted before police arrived.

Police officers were outside of Mathews’ home during the protest. Eventually, the police took him away and many hoped that the man had been arrested. However, others believe the arrest happened for protection and wrote, ‘That was just for show. They “arrested” him to get him out of there’, noting ‘That’s not a win. He’s brothers in blue are simply appeasing the crowd. He’ll be out in no time.’

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, Mathews emerged briefly on Monday to offer up an apology, but many felt it wasn’t enough and that the damage had already been done.

It is not clear whether Mathews has been charged with a crime on the back of the video which was seen by thousands. However, many will be hoping that some action is taken.

If you have been affected by any of the issues in this article and wish to speak to someone in confidence, contact Stop Hate UK by visiting their website

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    NJ MAN GIVES OUT ADDRESS AMID RACIST RANT ... Gets Pelted by Protesters During Arrest Days Later!!!

  2. The Philadelphia Inquirer

    New Jersey man’s racist rant dared neighbor to ‘come see me.’ On Monday, dozens did.

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