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Cops question four people after teen who vanished four years ago walks into police station

Cops question four people after teen who vanished four years ago walks into police station

Alicia Navarro walked into a police station four years after running away from home

Police are questioning people following the reappearance of a teenager who had been being missing for four years.

Alicia Navarro was just 14-years-old when she left a note for her mum that she was running away from home, reading: "I ran away. I will be back, I swear. I'm sorry."

A four-year-long search ensued as police desperately tried to locate the missing teenager, who had last been seen in Glendale, Arizona. Then, four years later, aged 18, she reappeared after walking into a police station in Montana.

Alicia Navarro had been missing for nearly four years.
Glendale Police Department

Glendale Police Department spokesperson Jose Santiago told a press conference on Wednesday: "She is by all accounts healthy and she is by all accounts happy.

"She went to a local police department in that area, she identified herself as Alicia Navarro, and at that point, our officers went into investigation mode."

Police have so far questioned four people in connection to the disappearance. Police have also confirmed that they have carried out a search warrant in relation to the case.

Police in Glendale said: "While in Montana, detectives served a search warrant on a residence. This search warrant led detectives to interview approximately four separate individuals.

"We are requesting time and patience as we peel away the layers of the last four years."

So far no has been confirmed to have been taken into custody in connection with the disappearance.

Navarro turned up at a Montana police station nearly four years after disappearing.
Glendale Police Department

According to AP, neighbours have reported seeing a number of police officers take a man away in handcuffs at an address near to where Navarro handed herself in.

A woman reportedly resembling a photo of Navarro was also allegedly spotted at the scene.

However, it has not yet been confirmed if this is connected to the investigation into Navarro's disappearance.

At present, the 18-year-old has not made it clear whether she wishes to return to Glendale.

A Glendale police spokesperson said: "Alicia is an adult, so it will be her decision as to whether or not she remains in Montana, returns to Arizona, or goes elsewhere, regardless of the investigation."

Following her reappearance, Navarro's mother Jessica Nunez said in an emotional statement: "For everyone who has missing loved ones, I want you to use this case as an example. That miracles do exist and never lose hope and always fight.

"My daughter, Alicia Navarro, was missing since 15 September, 2019. She has been found safe.

"I do not know the details, I do confirm that she is my daughter, she is alive, and she is safe.

"This is recent news for me. It was an hour before it was posted on social media and the news. I don't have details but the important thing is that she is alive. And I want to thank the community, and God, for all that you have done."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Finding Alicia/Glendale Police Department

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