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‘Strangest 911 call’ hears homeowner discover ejected F-35 pilot landed in his backyard
Featured Image Credit: JACK GUEZ/AFP via Getty Images / NBC

‘Strangest 911 call’ hears homeowner discover ejected F-35 pilot landed in his backyard

The pilot from the crashed plane took part in his own 911 call

The pilot of an F-35 fighter jet was heard calling for an ambulance from the home he ejected into after audio of a bizarre 911 call was released.

You might have heard recently that the US military was looking for one of their jets after the pilot ejected over North Charleston, South Carolina and now you can hear the 911 call he made right afterwards.

Listen here:

While the pilot ejected to safety the fate of the missing $80 million jet appears to have been sealed after a debris field was discovered near Indiantown, South Carolina.

The jet had been described as flying in a 'zombie state' after the pilot ejected with the fighter plane continuing onwards, and the US military asking people for help in recovering their disappeared aircraft.

Authorities have since released a statement advising locals to avoid the area while the debris field is investigated, so anyone hoping to get their mitts on a piece of military memorabilia is likely to be disappointed.

An F-35 lightning fighter jet went missing over South Carolina after its pilot ejected.
Ezra Acayan / Stringer / Getty

As for the Marine Corps pilot, they ejected from the plane safely on September 17 and parachuted down into someone's backyard.

They were then taken to hospital at about 2pm the same day after making one of the weirder calls a 911 dispatcher has ever taken.

Charleston County have since released the audio of the 911 call where the homeowner had to say that an ejected pilot had landed in their backyard and needed an ambulance.

"I'm sorry, what happened?" was the response from the 911 dispatcher, who probably wasn't used to callers saying a pilot had parachuted onto their property.

The pilot then joined the call, telling 911 he was 'not sure where the airplane is' and saying it 'would have crash landed somewhere'.

The perplexed dispatcher had to figure out what the protocol for 'someone's parachuted into my backyard' was.
Lukas Kabon/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

The pilot said he'd fallen about 2,000 feet and put the need to bail out of his jet down to 'aircraft failure'.

He wasn't sure whether or not he was bleeding before the homeowner reassured him he wasn't, but the pilot did say his back was hurting.

The pilot then asked the still rather confused dispatcher whether there'd been any reports of a plane crash, and after being told that nobody had called to tell them about any crashes, he asked again for an ambulance.

Luckily it turned out one was already on the way as the dispatcher had sent one, while staying on the line to ask for more details about one of the strangest calls they'll ever get.

It's not every day someone calls you up to say someone's dropped into your backyard and wants to know quite urgently if anyone's seen some high-tech military equipment in the area.

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