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Pizza shop in disbelief as Uber Eats cancels $600 order after they spent all night making it
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@santorospizzeriatpa / Getty Stock Image

Pizza shop in disbelief as Uber Eats cancels $600 order after they spent all night making it

The staff were gutted

Staff at a pizza shop were left devastated after Uber Eats cancelled a $600 order they had been working on all night.

Santoro's Pizzeria in Tampa, Florida, were shocked when the order - which included 18 pizzas and 10 salads - was suddenly cancelled.

The staff at the chain had been working on prepping the food for hours before it was suddenly wiped off the system 10 minutes before pick up.

Staff were shocked when the order was cancelled.

Workers at the restaurant shared a video of what happened on TikTok, after they were notified that the order had been cancelled.

Chaos ensued as one of the women tried calling Uber Eats to find out what had happened, explaining that they had spent all morning preparing the food.

Meanwhile, another member of the team rang the customer who had made the order to check they still wanted the pizzas.

You can watch the clip below:

"This is why third party is a problem, because of these situations," says one staff member.

While another adds: "We made all the food this morning and it got cancelled."

One woman can be seen on the phone asking: "Are we getting paid for this order?" Before turning to her colleague and adding: "If it's a glitch we should be able to accept orders automatically.

"They're sending in a request right now to get refunded."

Despite the order being cancelled, the team were quick to praise the Uber Eats customer service line for swiftly sorting out the problem.

People were loving seeing the behind-the-scenes clip and many took to the comments to weigh in on the situation.

One person commented: "This was shot like a drama and I’m here for it."

While another added: "They should have a policy that any order over $100 isn’t allowed to be cancelled."

And a third said: "Yeah that’s be so frustrating, if you had called the restaurant directly they would have charged you right then for a large order."

A fourth joked: "This episode of the bear was so fire."

The staff had been working on the order for hours.

Others shared their own experiences, with one adding: "I'm a driver & I've had customers cancel expensive orders just after completion or while in transport, which is ridiculous. Or, the sneaky ones that."

And another said: "I hated this! When they would report the food was wrong and made exactly how they asked. started taking pictures to prove so we got paid."

Santoro's captioned the video: "When a $600 order gets cancelled 10 minutes before pickup. Glad everything worked out in the end thank you @Uber Eats."

UNILAD has contacted Uber Eats for comment.

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