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Woman shares unbelievable ‘plot twist’ after ‘hot’ Uber driver misses a turn

Woman shares unbelievable ‘plot twist’ after ‘hot’ Uber driver misses a turn

Things had been getting a little heated on the ride home, only for the evening to take a wholly unexpected twist

Two women's drive home ended up taking an unexpected turn after they got talking to their Uber driver.

Getting home at the end of a night out might seem like the final part, but for these women it was a whole new adventure.

The pair had been sat in the back of the car on their way home when they realized that their Uber driver was very attractive.

New Zealand farmer and model Brittney Woods - who goes by @itsthatkiwigirl on TikTok - was so taken aback with the driver's good looks that she decided to let him know herself, to the amusement of her friend.

The ride home took an unexpected twist. (TikTok/@itsthatkiwigirl)
The ride home took an unexpected twist. (TikTok/@itsthatkiwigirl)

The story is detailed in several videos on her TikTok page, with the first one seeing her telling the driver: “So, I’ve never really had an Uber this hot before," as her friend laughs.

The stunned driver began reciprocating to what she was saying, telling the pair that he's 'not sure he's had passengers quite hot as you guys'.

He then asked them if they wanted any music on, to which Woods replied that 'just the sound of your voice' would be enough.

Things appeared to get even more heated after the driver apparently missed a turning for the pair's journey.

The TikToker made several posts on the incident. (TikTok/@itsthatkiwigirl)
The TikToker made several posts on the incident. (TikTok/@itsthatkiwigirl)

Woods commented to the driver, telling him something - which is probably best not written here - and causing everyone to burst out laughing.

But while you could be forgiven for thinking that it was the raunchy conversation which had distracted the driver, there was one hell of a plot twist in the story.

In another video on the incident, Woods revealed how 'things escalated quickly' as the driver was subsequently pulled over by the police.

Officers then appeared to carry out a roadside breath test on the driver, which it appears that he did not pass.

Woods claimed: “So, our Uber driver just got done for drink driving," before adding: “What the hell? How are we meant to get home?”

People were left stunned by the twist in the story, with one writing in the comments: "Plot twist! That's not what I was expecting."

To which Woods replied: "Still can’t believe this actually happened."

Another simply commented: “OMG what!”

The TikToker did say that the pair of them were able to get home safely in the end, though didn't go into any further detail.

UNILAD has contacted Uber for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@itsthatkiwigirl

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