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Cheerleader stripped of valedictorian honors and could lose scholarship after ‘miscalculation’

Cheerleader stripped of valedictorian honors and could lose scholarship after ‘miscalculation’

Maya Veliz had been due to graduate high school at the top of her class, but an error ended up causing her huge disappointment

A high school student from Texas lost out on being top of her class due to an error with her grades.

Maya Veliz had been on course to graduate at the top of her class at Blue Ridge High School in Texas.

But just a few weeks away from her graduation her hopes of being the valedictorian were dashed when there was a 'miscalculation' with her GPA.

This resulted in her dropping from the top spot down to third in the class.

Speaking to WFAA, she said: “It had been, like, the one goal I set myself for the beginning of my freshman year, was, I can do this."

Veliz was a member of the college's cheerleading squad, and her academic achievements saw her recognized by the College Board National Hispanic Recognition Program.

Throughout the year administrators allegedly told her she was on track to become valedictorian as long she didn't fail a class.

Her family had already made plans to attend the ceremony, including paying for flights from out of the country.

But her hopes were dashed after a conversation with principal Trent Hamilton, who informed her that there had been an error with her grades.

 Maya Veliz was left heartbroken. (KHOU 11)
Maya Veliz was left heartbroken. (KHOU 11)

It transpired that there had been a miscalculation with her GPA and transfer credits.

Veliz had been taking dual credits and AP honors during high school, and transferred to Blue Ridge from a school in 2022 as a junior.

Some of the classes at her old school weren't offered at the current, meaning that the credits from the old school were not weighed in the school's transfer policy.

Her dad, Jorge Veliz, said: “I would understand if this was a policy that’s been in effect for a year or two that they weren’t familiar with.”

He added: “This is something I wouldn’t want any kid to deal with or any parent."

It gets worse as Veliz plans to attend the University of Texas and the drop could put a scholarship in jeopardy.

This sees the student who graduates top of their class in high school receive a tuition fee waiver during their freshman year.

Veliz was on the cheer squad and an academic high flyer. (WFAA)
Veliz was on the cheer squad and an academic high flyer. (WFAA)

“I now don’t have that stability,” Veliz told People.

She added: “This affects my future. And I do not wish that upon anyone else.”

Her father had also been in contact with the school to make sure the grades could be transferred, and even asked if she would have to take summer classes to maintain her position.

Veliz nor her family will be attending the graduation ceremony.

A school district spokesperson told WFAA: “Miscalculations were originally made when finalizing GPA and Class Rank; then corrected to ensure compliance with both of those board policies. All students affected have been notified.

"And in addition, plans have been initiated to ensure that a mistake like this does not take place in the future. Any further specific student information cannot be discussed pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.”

Featured Image Credit: WFAA

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