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Man who's 'eaten pizza every day for six years' says he's healthy and happy

Man who's 'eaten pizza every day for six years' says he's healthy and happy

He claims the diet has served him well

Pizza definitely makes most people happy, but one man has opened up about eating it every single day.

Kenny Wildes, from Connecticut, has wolfed down at least one slice of pizza every day for the past six years.

And would you believe that this dietary change was the result of a dare?

I can think of worse things to undertake on a dare, to be fair.

Kenny Wildes has 'eaten pizza every day for six years'. (Instagram/@ctpizzaman)
Kenny Wildes has 'eaten pizza every day for six years'. (Instagram/@ctpizzaman)

Speaking to The Guardian, Wildes said: "I used to work for a company that looks after heating and cooling systems.

"My colleague and I would be on the road all day, and the quickest thing for me to grab to eat was a pizza.

"One day, he said: 'I bet you couldn’t eat it every day for a week'. I rose to the challenge with ease. He then extended the bet to a month. By the end, I felt I could go for longer."

Wildes, whose dad owned a pizzeria, insists he hasn't skipped a day in six years.

Often he will chow down on an entire pizza, but sometimes has to settle for a single slice.

Though, admittedly, given American portion sizes, that's still no small feat.

He documents his unique diet on social media. (Instagram/@ctpizzaman)
He documents his unique diet on social media. (Instagram/@ctpizzaman)

Yet despite his daily dietary habits, he has managed to stay pretty trim.

Wildes said: "I'm actually pretty skinny.

"I guess I can thank my metabolism for that.

"Sometimes people will get in touch with concerns about the healthiness of my habit, but I'm fit and healthy."

Wildes now has an Instagram account to share his daily pizzas.

"It's the perfect job for me, as I can travel and try pizzas from all over the country," Wildes said.

“This spring, I had pizza in 10 different US states. I also went to Las Vegas for a pizza convention.

"My favorite crust is the thick, crispy and chewy style from New Haven. The city has the best pizza I’ve ever tried.

"I love eating at a place called Sally's Apizza, which has been open since 1938.

"The sauce is like nothing I’ve ever had, and the coal-fired oven puts the perfect char on the crust."

Wildes said he's 'fit and healthy'. (Instagram/@ctpizzaman)
Wildes said he's 'fit and healthy'. (Instagram/@ctpizzaman)

Occasionally, he'll run into the former colleague who made the original dare.

Wildes said: "He laughs and calls me crazy, but is impressed that I’ve kept it up all these years.

"I think people find it hard to understand why I do it, and just how much I love pizza - but it’s as simple as that.

"I’ll continue my streak as long as I’m still excited about pizza, and I’m happy to enjoy my delicious journey, one bite at a time."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ctpizzaman

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