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Footage shows teen driver 'deliberately hit and kill' retired police chief riding a bike
Featured Image Credit: Insta / garbagehuman4.0 / Eva Vlaardingerbroek/Facebook

Footage shows teen driver 'deliberately hit and kill' retired police chief riding a bike

A 64-year-old man died in hospital after being hit by a car

Police are treating a fatal hit-and-run crash in Las Vegas which resulted in the death of a 64-year-old retired police chief as intentional.

At around 6am on August 14 retired police chief Andreas Probst from Bell, California, was struck by a car with footage of the crash appearing to show that it was deliberate.

Retired police chief Andreas Probst died in August in a hit-and-run.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal the 64-year-old was struck by a Hyundai Elantra near Tenaya Way and Centennial Parkway while in the bike lane of the road.

They report that the retired police chief was taken to University Medial Center where he was declared dead, and that police have since issued a statement saying that have determined that the crash was intentional.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said they arrested the driver of the car near the scene, a 17-year-old who fled the scene of the crash on suspicion of being involved in a hit-and-run.

The teenager, who was taken to a juvenile detention center and not named because of their age, was charged with murder after police saw a video which had been posted to social media and allegedly showed the incident and detectives claimed showed that the crash was intentional.

The footage of the hit-and-run appeared to show two people in the car saying 'ready' and 'yeah, hit his a**', in the moments before their vehicle struck a man on a bicycle.

The car then drives into the man on the bike, the impact on his body breaking the glass on the car's windshield before the camera turns to look at the 64-year-old lying prone by the side of the road with his bike next to him.

Police charged the driver with murder after they saw footage of the hit-and-run on social media.
Instagram / garbagehuman4.0

According to the Review-Journal, Probst had retired from the police in 2009, and his daughter Taylor learned about the crash after her father's Apple Watch sent her a message telling her he'd fallen.

She and her mother Crystal drove to the site of the crash where they could tell that things were 'not good' by looking at his belongings.

The 64-year-old's wife and daughter were directed towards the hospital and they told the Review-Journal that they waited for four hours before someone came out to tell them that Andreas had died.

His family described being with him as 'like being next to a ray of sunshine', and said that he was 'always laughing' and offering them support.

UNILAD have contacted Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for comment.

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