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Woman shares chilling voicemail she received from accused Gilgo Beach serial killer

Woman shares chilling voicemail she received from accused Gilgo Beach serial killer

Police arrested Rex Heuermann more than a decade after 11 bodies were found in Long Island

A former acquaintance of accused serial killer Rex Heuermann has shared a voicemail he left for her before he was charged with three counts of first-degree murder.

Interior designer and TikTok user Dominique first met Heuermann through a networking group she was part of in Manhattan, where Heuermann worked as an architect.

The pair consequently spoke on occasion and after Dominique decided to leave the group, Heuermann called her in an attempt to stay in touch.

In a video shared on TikTok, Dominique said the voicemail arrived in February after a couple of previous calls between the pair.

"I found it odd he was calling me because he had no work for me, I had no work for him, there was no ongoing relationship," Dominique said. "We were just two people used to be in the same networking group."

When Dominique didn't answer the phone in February, Heuermann left a message in which he introduced himself as 'Rex'.

Heuermann contacted Dominique in February.

He continued: "I actually heard you're no longer part of the group but I still wanted to talk to you, I had a question for you and also wanted to touch base."

Heuermann didn't reveal what the question was, but encouraged Dominique to get in touch with him.

"So if you get an opportunity you can always find me at the office, or feel free to use my cell," he said. "Hope you're doing good, hope to talk to you soon."

Just a few months later, Heuermann was arrested in relation to the unsolved deaths of three women. After being taken into custody last week, Heuermann pled not guilty.

His arrest comes more than a decade after 11 bodies were found on Gilgo Beach, Long Island, as police searched for a sex worker who went missing in 2010.

Rex Heuermann pleaded not guilty to the murder charges.
Suffolk County Sheriff's Office

The case baffled investigators for years, but after Heuermann's arrest Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison described him as a 'demon that walks amongst us' and a 'predator that ruined families'.

A task force designed to focus on the Gilgo Beach killings zeroed in on Heuermann in March 2022, after which a secret grand jury was used to secure more than 300 subpoenas and search warrants.

Suffolk County District Attorney Raymond A. Tierney explained: “We were playing before a party of one because we knew the person responsible for these murders would be looking at us.

"So we were very careful how we handled the investigation. We maintained the integrity of the investigation. Most importantly of all, we maintain the secrecy of that investigation.”

After pleading not guilty, Heuermann was ordered to be held without bail.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@call_me_dommm / Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office

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