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Hockey fan who received porn site offer after flashing boobs speaks out about incident

Hockey fan who received porn site offer after flashing boobs speaks out about incident

'The most mysterious woman in hockey' has spoken out about why she flashed at ice hockey match The Edmonton Oilers versus the Dallas Stars

An ice hockey fan who received offers from an adult film sites after flashing at a game has opened up about why she did it in the first place.

A video of an Edmonton Oilers supporter - nicknamed 'the most mysterious woman in hockey' - went viral on social media after she lifted her t-shirt and flashed her breasts while watching the The Edmonton Oilers versus the Dallas Stars in Game 5 of the Western Conference Final at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas on Friday (May 31).

And she's since spoken out about what drove her to whip her top up in such a way.

The ice hockey match was an exciting one to see, with Kris Knoblauch's team beating the Dallas Stars 3-1.

As the Edmonton Oilers scored, crowds erupted inside the arena and one fan appeared so overjoyed, she threw up her top and flashed her breasts.

The video didn't take long to go viral on X and naturally, podcast Spittin' Chiclets - hosted by former National Hockey League (NHL) vets Ryan Whitney, Paul Bissonnette, Barstool Sports writer Rear Admiral and Producer Mike Grinnell - managed to track the fan down to get to the bottom of why she did it and what was really going on in that moment.

The hockey fan went viral for her celebration. (X / @Gerry39464526)
The hockey fan went viral for her celebration. (X / @Gerry39464526)

The fan - named as Kate - appeared on the podcast wearing a gap, hoodie and some huge sunglasses, joking: "I'm still trying to be in the witness relocation program a little bit here."

The podcasters questioned whether Kate had been told to flash her breasts or whether it was just a 'feeling of emotion when the Oilers scored'.

She replied: "The handful of Cheesies I ate all day and the eight Trulies I drank in the first period was certainly inspiring."

Kate added that she 'can't even remember' who recorded the video in the first place, she just ended up seeing it on X.

When she first realised it was on social media, she 'got it removed' and 'reported it' believing it was 'gone' and had been 'dealt with,' but the clip then 'came back with a vengeance'.

But is this the last we'll see of Kate?

Well, speaking to the podcast the day after the Edmonton Oilers lost against the Florida Panthers, Kate continued: "Honestly, last night when they lost the game I was going to get in my truck and just like, drive to the bush and build a little shack out of sticks and live in it after seeing everyone like, 'Ah we need her'."

Well, that's that then. And from that response, it doesn't seem too likely Kate's going to be taking up any offers from adult film sites of joining them anytime soon either.

Featured Image Credit: X/@Gerry39464526/YouTube/Spittin' Chiclets

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