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Woman collapses live on TV after winning $1M lottery on New Year’s Eve

Woman collapses live on TV after winning $1M lottery on New Year’s Eve

She was overwhelmed by the news that she became the first powerball millionaire of 2024

A woman collapsed as she became the first powerball millionaire of 2024 live on television.

In a pretty spectacular start to 2024, Pamela Bradshaw found out that she had won the Powerball, becoming the first person to do so in the new year.

The mom from North Carolina had travelled to New York City, travel paid, after being told that she was in with a chance of scooping the $1 million prize.

It was her first time visiting New York, and she is unlikely to forget it.

The winner was announced by Ryan Seacrest on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

When Seacrest told her 'Pamela, you're a millionaire!' the mom could be seen falling to the ground.

She was helped back to her feet by the host and her daughter Joanna Hinson as she gathered herself after hearing the big news.

Pamela was one of five finalists who had gone to New York for the draw. This saw fifty balls being dropped into the machine, each one being numbered from one to five.

Pamela had to be helped back to her feet.
X / @RockinEve

And it was Pamela's number which came out of the machine, leaving her absolutely gobsmacked.

After getting back up the delighted Pamela immediately embraced the host, who looked like he was barely keeping his feet himself, before giving her daughter a big hug.

Seacrest asked her how she felt after winning the grand prize, and Pamela was just about able to get out that she planned to share 'a little' of the money with her delighted daughter, who was on stage with her.

Speaking to the lottery after the draw, she said: “I cried on the plane ride and I cried at the Statue of Liberty. It’s just been so incredible.”

And of course the burning question is what Pamela plans to spend her winnings on.

Pamela and her daughter embrace after winning.
X / @RockinEve

For most people the question will always be theoretical, but for Pamela it was now very real indeed.

So, was it a big holiday? New car?

No, for Pamela it was buying herself a nice little home.

She said: “I would love to have my own home that is mine and that I feel safe in.

“Not anything fancy or big, just a little cottage or something with one or two bedrooms.”

She also revealed that she planned to share some of the money with her daughter.

Not only was it her first time visiting New York City, it was also the first time she had flown on a plane.

What a way to kick off the new year!

Featured Image Credit: X/RockinEve

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