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Man says he lost all his friends after falling in love with a furry

Man says he lost all his friends after falling in love with a furry

Couple Jade and Dimetrius opened up about their relationship, with Jade being a self-described 'furry'

A man has opened up about the impact his relationship has had on his friendships.

It can often be tricky to introduce a new partner to friends, especially if one person's friends aren't keen on their pal's new partner.

That's exactly what happened when Dimetrius told his friends about his new girlfriend, Jade.

The pair post furry content online. (TikTok/@jadethefurr)
The pair post furry content online. (TikTok/@jadethefurr)

He told Truly: “Friends? I don’t really have any left from them finding out.

“The concern they had mostly was just immaturity. Not wanting to do their own research, just listening to what they’ve been brainwashed into believing is true."

That seems like a pretty strong reaction from a group of friends towards someone's new partner, to put it mildly.

So what on earth could have made them have such a strong response to their friend's new relationship?

It's because Jade is a furry, meaning that she dresses up as an animal, including when the pair are intimate.

People who are members of the furry community will also often wear elaborate 'fur suits'.

It seems a bit harsh to stop being friends with someone over that.

These can feature big exaggerated features and can be a wide variety of animals, and in Jade's case is a wolf.

Though to be clear, being a furry isn't being attracted to animals, but to a person dressed as one.

"Dimetrius wasn't too fond on being with a furry I know that," said Jade.

"The furry fandom is something new to him."

Dimetrius explained that he does not see himself as a furry, explaining: "I'm not attracted to the mask she's wearing; I'm attracted to the woman inside of the mask."

While Dimetrius also has a job, he and Jade also sell content online to the furry community, which makes enough money to pay for their housing.

Jade explained why she became a furry. (TikTok/@jadethefurr)
Jade explained why she became a furry. (TikTok/@jadethefurr)

Jade explained why she is a furry, saying: “Furries are just cosplayers. These characters give me a different personality.

"And it makes me put myself out there more…when I have my fur suit on.”

The pair are not remotely fazed at the frequent comments and hate they have directed towards them online either.

Dimetrius challenges people who take issue with Jade's unusual lifestyle, pointing out that they are both very happy.

He said: “I’d say to anybody judging us, look at yourself first, because you see two people that are happy."

Despite his initial scepticism at first, he is now Jade's biggest supporter.

Jade said: “The most important thing is when the support comes in from [Dimetrius] and he helps me, he’s there for me, he supports me through everything."

Featured Image Credit: truly via YouTube

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