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People are debating the 'dumbest crash ever' to find out who is to blame
Featured Image Credit: X/@PicturesFoIder

People are debating the 'dumbest crash ever' to find out who is to blame

A video posted on X shows the incident involving two vehicles

People are debating who's to blame after a video of a 'dumb' car crash was posted online.

Driving can be a stressful business, whether it's edging forward in heavy traffic during rush hour or someone cutting you off at the last second.

And this video could be taken as proof that no matter how careful of a driver you are, there's no accounting for other drivers on the road. Take a look:

The video shows the incident which involves two vehicles at a junction - one being a US Postal Service van, and the other a silver Volvo.

The footage appears to have been shot by a dash cam on a car behind the silver Volvo.

So, what exactly happens?

The two vehicles are at a junction coming from opposite directions, and the USPS van is seen not indicating, meaning it intends to carry on straight ahead.

Meanwhile, the silver Volvo is indicating to turn left, meaning that it will need to cross the opposite lane.

Moments before the crash.

While most people might wait for the van to pass before making the turn, not this vehicle. Instead, the car turns directly in front of the postal van, and the cars ultimately collide.

The impact sends the postal van onto two wheels for a second, before it comes back down onto all four wheels as it passes the silver car and stops.

As for the Volvo, it came off worse with the front of the car sustaining a fair bit of damage from the impact.

Notably, the van appeared to not have a scratch on it from the collision.

People took to social media to share their views on which vehicle was in the wrong, and it's fair to say that the consensus was pretty clear.

One person wrote: "The car is in the wrong. The vehicle going straight should have the right of way.

"Turning car always yields to traffic unless a sign indicates otherwise or there is a special circumstance."

After the crash.

A second tweeted: "Why are we even asking this rules of traffic are simple. Left turn yield. But regardless of rules? Maybe just don’t charge right into a giant van?"

Someone else agreed, posting: "That Volvo failed to yield to the mail van which had the right of way."

But one person highlighted a possible additional factor, writing: "It all depends on which vehicle got to their respective stop sign and came to a complete stop first. That person has right of way when cross traffic is clear. That info is not in this video."

And another joked: "The giant van directly in front of him was hard to see."

Who do you think was in the wrong?

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