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Annoyed Amazon worker urges people to stop ordering these specific products
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@thatamazonguyy

Annoyed Amazon worker urges people to stop ordering these specific products

The employee explained that there are some items which make things much more difficult for Amazon employees

An Amazon employee has shared some of the items that he thinks customers should be buying elsewhere.

The company is well-known for the convenience of its services, as well as the many employment problems it has faced over the years to meet its targets.

Amazon deals with an astonishing number and variety of items every day, and some of them are more of a challenge for employees to handle than others. For example, if you order a desk lamp that will be much lighter than ordering the desk itself.

Now, a frustrated employee has taken to social media to list some of the items that he thinks customers should purchase elsewhere. Take a listen:

He also explained why these items could cause issues at the store.

The TikToker said: “I don’t know who needs to hear this. But stop buying water at Amazon. A couple of days ago, I decided to pick up an extra shift and they put me to pick.

"Since I’m a trainer, most of you should know trainers don’t really do much, we sit on our ass all day. I already knew it was gonna be a tough day.”

He continued: “Tell me why every other item I picked was either Fiji water or f*cking dog food. Are you telling me you’re out of water, you go on Amazon and you wait two to three business days to get your [fricking] water, bro? What are you drinking in the meantime?”

The delivery worker was exasperated that people were ordering water online.

The TikToker even went on to say that he would pick something different, adding: “The next time I’m picking and I see some water, I’m going to replace your Fiji water with Aquafina.

"If you’re buying dog food, I’m gonna replace half of the dog food with cat food. Yeah, see how your dog likes that?"

People took to their comments to share their thoughts on the video.

Some were not impressed and even said they would order water from now on.

One wrote: "What about those who have no vehicle & no reliable transportation to get these items?"

He urged people not to buy water from Amazon.

A second wrote: "Just because of this video I’m order my water thru amazon now lmao."

Others shared their own stories and sympathised with the video.

One posted: "Cat litter, water, energy drinks, rocks and the TV mounts are the worst."

Another replied: "As an Amazon driver, kitty litter and water are the things I HATE delivering especially if it’s going to an apartment."

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