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People question why alligator was killed after it was caught carrying lifeless human body

People question why alligator was killed after it was caught carrying lifeless human body

People are taking to social media to share their views on the matter

People are now questioning why an alligator was killed after it was caught carrying a lifeless human body.

The 14-foot gator was discovered to be carrying a human corpse down canal in Florida, which subsequently prompted speculation that the person was killed by an alligator attack.

Emergency crews were rushed to a park in Largo, around half an hour from Tampa, Florida, on Friday (22 September), arriving hoping to rescue the body and investigate exactly how the individual was killed.

The harrowing discovery was made by JaMarcus Bullard, who was out fishing on a lake near to his home when he spotted the gator with something hanging out its mouth.

He told local TV news: "I noticed it had a body in its mouth, like a lower torso, so once I realized that, I ran straight to the fire department and got them.

"They confirmed there was a body."

Recalling the moment, Bullard added: "Once I saw what it had I was like, 'Is that a mannequin?'

"It looked pale and white," he noted of the body.

In the afternoon of that day, around 2pm, Florida Fish and Wildlife officers were able to get the alligator out of the water so that the body could be recovered, but the animal was unfortunately later humanely killed so that the remains could be rescued.

At this current point in time, it isn't clear whether the alligator was responsible for the death of the person or whether it found the body after death, but police are continuing their investigation.

The circumstances surrounding the discovery are being investigated by officers from Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office with an upcoming autopsy set to help provide some clarity to the situation.

The alligator's body was taken away on a truck.
Fox13 WTVT

Local TV footage showed the body of the large reptile being loaded onto the back of a truck, as well as blood on the sidewalk.

Another local, Jennifer Dean, said that a crowd had gathered before a number of gunshots were heard, saying: "It could have been anyone."

Many people have since taken to X, formerly Twitter, to share their thoughts on the killing of the alligator with one Twitter user asking: "So why was the alligator killed?"

A second hit out: "Why does the alligator get killed and not soulless thugs who murder?"

"So they killed the alligator?" echoed a third. "How does that help? Alligator is just doing what it's designed to do."

A final Twitter user added: "'s what animals do."

Featured Image Credit: FOX 13 WTVT

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