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Man charged after missing girl walked into police station four years after her disappearance
Featured Image Credit: Glendale Police / Navarro Family

Man charged after missing girl walked into police station four years after her disappearance

Edmund Davis, 36, has been charged with two counts of felony child sex abuse

A man linked to formerly missing teenager Alicia Navarro has been charged by police.

Navarro went missing at the age of 14 in 2019 and recently turned up to a police station in a small town in Montana, close to the Canadian border.

“She is by all accounts safe, she is by all accounts healthy, and she is by all accounts happy,” Jose Santiago, a spokesman for Glendale Police said during a news conference on July 26.

It's believed the now-18-year-old initially ran away from home, but the case is still under investigation.

At the time of her reappearance, it was unclear how Navarro - who hailed from Arizona - ended up over 1,000 miles form her home.

Now a man who was previously linked to the missing teen has been charged.

Prosecutors in Montana have charged 36-year-old Edmund Davis with two counts of felony child sex abuse resulting from child pornography after reportedly finding illegal content on his electrical devices.

Alicia Navarro had been missing for nearly four years.
Glendale Police Department

The discovery was made by investigators form Havre Police Department who had a warrant to search his property in connection to Navarro's disappearance.

The charges were filed last week, with Davis going on to be arrested yesterday (October 23).

According to the Montana Attorney General’s Office, one of Davis' phones 'contained images of infants and toddlers and other computer-generated or animated content showing children being sexualized'.

The relationship between Davis and Navarro remains unclear, but he was identified as the 18-year-old's boyfriend.

A police report states: "On 07/26/2023 a search warrant was executed on an apartment in which Alicia Navarro and Edmund Davis were residing in.

"Edmund had been seen in the presence of Alicia before she went to the Havre PD and was later identified as Alicia's boyfriend."

Edmund Davis has been charged with two counts of felony child sex abuse.
Montana Attorney General's Office

But Davis' colleagues told the New York Post that the teenager had been living with him for a year and that he used to refer to Navarro as his 'niece'.

The police report went on: "Upon making contact at the door, Alicia stated no one was present at the apartment but her, though Officers observed Edmund in the Kitchen behind Alicia.

"Edmund was seen throwing a cellphone into the trash and placing items on top of said phone."

It also noted that Glendale Police has learned more about Navarro's disappearance 'during the execution of the residence warrant in Havre'.

The 36-year-old is currently being held the Hills County Detention Center.

His bond has been set at $1 million.

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