US Intelligence Admits UFOs Spotted By Navy Might Be Aliens

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US Intelligence Admits UFOs Spotted By Navy Might Be Aliens60 Minutes/YouTube

A Pentagon report into UFOs spotted by the US Military does not rule out the possibility the objects are extra-terrestrial.

New information about the report, which is set to be released to Congress this month, reveals that US intelligence officials have determined more than 120 sightings of UFOs over the past 20 years – officially referred to as Unexplained Aerial Phenomena, or UAPs – were not American in origin, and could still not be explained by scientists or military experts.

However, the report is expected to confirm there is no evidence to suggest they are alien spacecraft.


Sources told The New York Times the findings, which Congress must receive by June 25, are so inconclusive that the possibility of aliens, though unlikely, could not be definitively ruled out.

Aside from denying that the mysterious objects belonged to secret US government projects, senior officials say the report ‘will present few other firm conclusions.’ Interestingly though, the findings will reportedly suggest that many of the more logical explanations put forward to explain the UAPs’ origins do not hold up in all cases.

According to the Times, claims that metallic-looking shapes spotted darting across the sky by a US fighter jet were actually scientific research balloons don’t necessarily tally with the movements of the objects, which were inconsistent with changes in wind speed that would be expected to affect such equipment.

Rather than pushing forward with alien theories however, intelligence officials are reportedly more concerned about the possibility that at least some of the objects could be experimental hypersonic technology from Russia or China.

UAP sighting spotted by US Navy (US Department of Defense)US Department of Defense

While the findings, or lack thereof, will probably do little to dissuade those who believe the truth is out there, some have warned the report will likely disappoint anyone hoping the US government is about to officially come out as a believer.

‘Most people would be hoping for visual evidence of little green men, which is almost certainly not going to be the case,’ an anonymous congressional aide told CNN.

The forthcoming report contains findings from analysis conducted by the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, a secret and since-shuttered Pentagon program established in 2008, and the recently launched Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, which was established last summer to ‘detect, analyze and catalog’ UAPs following reports that intelligence officials had raised concerns that the Pentagon was not taking the potential threat of unidentified objects seriously.

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    U.S. Finds No Evidence of Alien Technology in Flying Objects, but Can’t Rule It Out, Either

Hannah Smith
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