US Election 2020: Joe Biden Breaks Record For Most Votes Ever Received At US Presidential Election

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US Election 2020: Joe Biden Breaks Record For Most Votes Ever Received At US Presidential ElectionPA Images

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has received the highest number of votes ever received during a United States presidential election.

At the time of writing, the 77-year-old former vice president has received 69,512,303 votes, according to Associated Press, surpassing Barack Obama’s 2008 popular vote of 69,498,516.


As it stands, Biden is ahead of President Donald Trump in terms of popular votes, by around two and a half million. However, it’s important to note that this by no means says that Biden has won the election, as it all comes down to the number of electoral votes received by each candidate.

Associated Press

The popular vote refers to the total votes cast for each candidate across the whole of the United States. However, all of the popular votes go towards voting in 538 electors, each representing a certain geographical area. The electors then vote on behalf of their state. Each state is given a certain number of electors, based on the number of congressional districts they have. They are also given two additional votes representing the state’s Senate seats.

At the time of writing, the Democratic Party has taken the lead, with 238 electoral votes, while Trump’s Republican Party sits at 213 electoral votes.


In 2016, Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton won the highest number of popular votes, with 65,853,514, compared to Trump’s 62,984,828. However, she failed to win the electoral college, which is how Trump came to be president. Ever since, there have been calls to ‘make every vote count’ by implementing a fairer (and less complicated) voting system.

Hillary ClintonPA Images

It’s expected to be a number of days before we will find out the result of the election, as a result of the sheer volume of mail-in votes that are still to be counted. Nevada and Alaska’s postal vote numbers are expected to be in by Tuesday, November 10, while we can expect to see the results from North Carolina’s mail-in votes by Thursday, November 12 – meaning it will be at least a week until we have a clearer picture on who has won the election.

Not only that, but Trump has also promised to take legal challenges to the Supreme Court if the results come in too close. Meanwhile, Biden’s team has also confirmed it has lawyers standing by.


More to follow.

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