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Woman shares final messages of sister who died trapped in car due to blizzard

Woman shares final messages of sister who died trapped in car due to blizzard

Tomeshia Brown, Taylor’s sister, shared a tribute on TikTok including her final messages and videos from inside the car.

A woman has shared her sister's heartbreaking final messages before she died trapped in a car due to the winter storm in New York.

The bomb cyclone in the US has particularly affecting the north-eastern states and more than 60 people have died due to the dangerous weather conditions.

The video below contains strong language some viewers may find distressing.

Anndel Taylor, from Buffalo, became trapped in her car while driving home from work on 23 December.

Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, the 22-year-old had moved to Buffalo to care for her father who requires dialysis treatments.

She filmed the blizzard outside her car and sent it to her family shortly after midnight on Christmas Eve.

Tomeisha shared a tribute to her sister on TikTok.

Tomeshia Brown, Taylor’s sister, shared a tribute to her sibling which has been viewed over 4.9 million times.

It includes Taylor’s video from inside the car and screenshots from the family group chat.

"Stuck in a f**king blizzard," Anndel wrote to her elder sister in the family group chat.


Tomeshia explained: "She was driving home from work when she got stuck in her car at 3pm."

"Son I'm still here been here since 3 the car I'm driving muffler damn near on the ground already then snow up the tires like I'm mad irritated,” Anndel said in the group chat.

"Yeah but it look like ima sleep here idk how long this gas will last. I'm livid bro my door damn near covered."

"I've been in and our shovelling mike just called the fire department tho they sending a cop to me idk how long that's gunna take.


"I swing it open every now and then when the wind stop but just now it was mad hard for me to get it open but it opened no Mikey got stuck.

"Well she's connecting me to the fire department she still on the line they just not answering. All might be out. They said they're sending someone."

When asked if the fire department had been able to help her, Anndel said: "Noooo if they not here by 11:00 ima just gts."

"Are you OK? Y'all talked to Anndel," one person asked, to which someone else replied: "No smh and she not responding."


Tomeshia explained in a caption in the video: "They found her body Dec. 24th at 9pm but did not remove her body from the car until Dec. 25th at 7pm.”

Taylor’s mother Wanda Brown Steele said in an interview with the New York Post her daughter planned to sleep in the car during the night and walk home from her car the next day.

However the family grew concerned when Taylor stopped responding to messages and calls but her phone was still being tracked to her car.

Anndel died in her car.

Tomeisha shared Anndel's location in a private Facebook group, and her body was found at 9pm on Christmas Eve.

She said: “She was laying back — she had her arms crossed and her foot up on the dashboard like she was peacefully asleep."

Our thoughts are with Anndel's family.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/@tommie_shuh/TikTok

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