UK’s Oldest Man Reveals The Tasty Secret To Long Life


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The UK’s oldest man has revealed what the secret is to living to such a long life, and it’s surprisingly tasty. 

If there was ever more of a time to justify getting that takeaway or eating that seventh bag of crisps, then this is it. Science be gone, for this man has proved that you don’t always need to eat healthily to live longer.


This month, John Tinniswood celebrated his 109th birthday in Stockport, attributing the impressive feat to taking life just a bit easier.

John may have lived to a ripe old age, however the reason behind it is nothing to do with ripe fruit or veg.

Jjohn has become an advocate for letting yourself go a bit, enjoying a regular chippy tea every Friday evening. However, he does warn against overdoing it.


‘Otherwise you’re going to injure yourself either physically or mentally. So stay within your limits of what you can do,’ he told Metro.

Tinniswood does say people should be allowed to get on with doing ‘as they want’, noting that to add any further advice on how to live a longer life would be ‘impudent’.

A portion of fish and chips at Taylor's chip shop, in Stockport, where Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey has undertaken a 'shift', during the start of his national listening tour. -Danny Lawson/PA Archive/PA ImagesPA

John was born in 1912, in August, the same year which saw the Titanic sink and the same year that the Republic of China was established.


Born shortly before World War 1, John later took up an administrative role at the Royal Mail during WW2, due to poor eyesight. He later ended up working as an accountant.

He has since received nine telegrams from the Queen for his birthdays, since turning 100 years of age. However, he joked if he could get a ‘couple of hundred quid’ instead or that she could ‘put her phone number’ in, rather than just a letter.

While John may be 109, he has not yet beaten the UK’s oldest man ever recorded. Henry Allingham was 113 in 2009 and spent one month as the oldest verified man on the planet before sadly passing away.


The oldest documented person to be alive in the UK is currently Charlotte Hughes, who died in 1993 aged 115.

John, a Liverpool FC fan, married his wife Blodwen in 1942, however she unfortunately passed away in 1986. They had a daughter, named Susan, in 1943.

If you needed a new inspirational quote for when you’re looking into the future, John said: ‘The future holds what it does – you can’t do very much about it.’


So with that, I’m off to get a chippy tea.

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    UK’s oldest man says secret to long life is chippy tea every week

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