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Ukraine Says It Needs 500 Javelins And 500 Stingers From The US Per Day

Ukraine Says It Needs 500 Javelins And 500 Stingers From The US Per Day

Ukraine's updated wishlist to the US reportedly includes 500 Javelins and 500 Stringers a day.

Ukraine has updated its wish list for extra military assistance from the US to include 500 Javelins and 500 Stingers per day.

The growing need for the American-made equipment was made apparent in a recent update to the country's list of needs.

Javelins are anti-tank missiles, while Stingers are anti-aircraft missiles; both are being requested in the hundreds by the country.

Javelin anti-tank weapon.

News of the updated wish list comes as today, 25 March, marks day 30 of the war in Ukraine.

Ukraine is reportedly asking for 500 of each type of missile, daily.

The list was updated as claims emerged that the country could face a potential weapons shortage amid Vladimir Putin's continued invasion, though US and NATO countries have assured Ukraine that more military aid is on the way.

The list, obtained by CNN, also includes jets, attack helicopters and anti-aircraft systems.

Within the list, Ukraine also asked for two types of Russian-made jets, one of which is reportedly designed for close air support of ground troops. The country has asked for 36 of each jet.

President Zelenskyy has said he'll talk to President Putin.

Senator Jacky Rosen said of Ukraine: "They need all the tools to not just survive the war, but to win the war, so whether we provide them air-to-ground missiles, drones, all the military support."

In the two weeks following Putin's invasion of Ukraine, the US and other NATO countries sent around 17,000 anti-tank missiles and 2,000 anti-aircraft missiles to the country, CNN reports.

Within the last few day, a $350 million package of security assistance was delivered, while two other packages totalling $1 billion have begun to arrive.

On Thursday 24 March, US president Joe Biden assured that 'armour systems, ammunition and our weapons are flowing into Ukraine as I speak'.

Joe Biden (Alamy)
Joe Biden (Alamy)

The day before, 23 March, the UK announced a further 6,000 missiles would be sent to support Ukraine, along with financial backing for the country.

News of the updated wish list comes as Ukraine's emergency services reported an oil depot in the north-west of the country had been hit by shelling and caught fire over night.

Alongside this, Ukraine and Russia are said to have exchanged prisoners for the first time since the invasion started, The Guardian reports.

Biden is also said to be scheduled to travel to a town near the Polish-Ukrainian border on Friday, and is expected to be met by experts on humanitarian response.

If you would like to donate to the Red Cross Emergency Appeal, which will help provide food, medicines and basic medical supplies, shelter and water to those in Ukraine, click here for more information 

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