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Ukraine: Road Signs Removed To ‘Confuse And Disorient The Enemy’

Ukraine: Road Signs Removed To ‘Confuse And Disorient The Enemy’

A road sign company in Ukraine has vowed to help the defence against Russian forces by changing road signs and directions to confuse them

A road sign company in Ukraine has vowed to help the the defence against Russian forces by removing directions and changing signs in order to confuse foreign soldiers.

Ukravtodor, a company in charge of building and maintaining roads around the country, took to social media to say it would call on local authorities to 'immediately start dismantling road signs', to help the enemy 'go straight to hell'.

'Ukravtodor calls on all travel organizations, territorial communities, local governments to immediately begin dismantling road signs nearby,' the company wrote, according to Ukraine's Interfax news agency. 'The enemy has a miserable connection, they do not navigate the terrain. Let's help them go straight to hell,' they added.

Alongside the message was an edited photo of a Ukrainian street sign whose directions had been replaced with messages to Russian forces, such as 'Go f*ck yourself', 'Go f*ck yourself again' and 'Go f*ck yourself back in Russia', The Independent reports.

The move was backed by Ukraine's Ministry of Defence, which tweeted a message to say, 'To confuse and disorient the enemy who is illegally moving around Ukraine' they were calling on residents to 'remove signs with numbers and names of streets / cities / villages in their regions' and to 'do everything possible to get rid of Ukraine from the Russian occupier as soon as possible'.

Earlier today, February 27, reports of confusion among Russian soldiers came through, as some were heard to say 'We don’t know who to shoot – they all look like us' over the radio, ABC News reports.

According to US defence officials, some Russian troops are becoming disoriented, demoralised and even cut off from supply chains as the invasion of Ukraine enters its fourth day.

One resident in the western city of Lviv told iNews many of the troops 'don’t know why they are on our land', while videos purported to be of captured Russian troops have shown many claiming they believed they were being sent to Ukraine on training exercises, with other reports suggesting troops were poorly informed about their plans and targets.

'They are having problems. They lack diesel, they are proceeding way too [slowly] and morale is obviously an issue,' one NATO official told CNN.

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