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Ukraine: The Story Of Rambo The Rescue Dog Adopted By Ukrainian Soldiers

Ukraine: The Story Of Rambo The Rescue Dog Adopted By Ukrainian Soldiers

Footage emerges of Ukrainian soldiers rescuing a puppy

Ukrainian soldiers have taken an adorable rescue puppy under their wing.

Footage shared to Reddit shows how they brought the incredibly cute pup — who they named 'Rambo' — into their base.

Today, March 1, marks the sixth day since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In the clip, the soldiers explain how they felt sorry for Rambo because it was freezing outside.

So, they did what any good people would do and took him in, and now Rambo is helping on the frontline with the troops.

One of the soldiers adds, 'He is security, that's his job. He is our watch dog. He can hear very well if a stranger is nearby.'

He then looks to Rambo and say, 'He's our protector, right Rambo?'

Rambo obviously responds with the cutest look you could imagine.

If the footage didn't make you love Rambo already, according to the troops, 'He used to be so tiny he could fit in one hand.'

People were quick to applaud the troops for looking after Rambo, with one user saying, 'This is amazing! Good on them!'

Another thought Rambo made the perfect guard dog, saying, 'This is awesome. Dogs are super smart can hear/smell from far away.'

The video of the helpful pup surfaced as Ukrainian troops and civilians continue to hold firm amid Russian President Vladimir Putin's invasion.

In an address to the European Parliament, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy heralded his countrymen, saying, 'Ukrainians are incredible.'

However, he also urged the country's European allies to do more, saying that amid the war Ukraine is 'giving away our best people. Our strongest ones. The most value-based ones' in an effort to protect their country.

Zelenskyy went on to say that Ukraine has 'proven' itself and that European allies should 'prove that you are with us' and that the allies 'will not let us go. Prove that you indeed are Europeans and that life will win over death, and light will win over darkness'.

The president then cited reports that children are among those who have been killed in shelling attacks.

The United Nations confirmed earlier today that since the conflict began 136 civilians had been killed, which included 13 children.

Further talks are to be held tomorrow between Russia and Ukraine in the hopes of a potential cease-fire.

Featured Image Credit: @Dog with Blog/YouTube

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