TV presenter Megyn Kelly slams the Kardashian family as 'evil’ and called out their 'disgusting vanity'

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TV presenter Megyn Kelly slams the Kardashian family as 'evil’ and called out their 'disgusting vanity'

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American media personality Megyn Kelly has lashed out at the Kardashian family and called into question the cultural impact their clan has on the world.

The former Fox News host lashed out at the reality TV family on her podcast, The Megyn Kelly Show, and pointed the finger at the Kardashian-Jenners for the self-obsessed social media involved society we now live in.

"The self promotional out-of-control focus on oneself, ego, clicks, likes - they're hugely responsible for that in our society," the 51-year-old said.

"They didn't do it by themselves, but more than any other, they've had a terrible effect in that lane, and I do blame them. I do."

Kelly went on to recall when she interviewed the family on the Today show and asked them: "Are you a force for good or a force for evil?"

Speaking to the family to mark the 10-year anniversary of their reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kelly confronted her guests.

Kelly said on the Today show: "Women will say 'The Kardashians are evil because my kid is looking at pictures of them and is being driven towards superficial goals that are unattainable'.

"I said publicly before, I wanna ask you that question - are you a force for good or a force for evil?"

Kim laughed off the backlash and defended her show, saying: "I think we've honestly, through our show, we've shown so much more positive things."

WENN Rights Ltd / Alamy
WENN Rights Ltd / Alamy

The reality TV moguls gave their answer, but the US journalist reflected on her own observations as the Kardashian clan has grown.

"They gave me their answer, but the more I've watched them over the years, the more I think that net, it's evil," the mum-of-three said on her October 1 show.

"I don't think this is healthy and that's what I object to. [It's] their disgusting vanity, which has spread like wildfire in our society," Kelly said.

"The selfie culture is abhorrent to me. I think that's what I'm responding to as opposed to some titillation from a beautiful woman here and there."

Kelly's remarks against America's most famous family come in the same podcast episode in which the TV host roasted Jennifer Lopez and Shakira for their skimpy Super Bowl halftime performance back in 2020.

"I object to the likes of J.Lo and Shakira showing [off] their [vaginas] at the Super Bowl," the former Fox News host said.

Kelly was chatting with comedian and podcaster Bridget Phetasy about women who are empowered by promiscuity, the value of regret, and more when the Kardashian Super Bowl conversation kicked off.

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