Travis Scott: Nurse Describes ‘Awful’ Scenes From Concert Following Fatal Crowd Surge

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Travis Scott: Nurse Describes 'Awful' Scenes From Concert Following Fatal Crowd SurgeAlamy

A woman who has identified herself as an ICU nurse described the ‘awful’ scenes at last night’s Travis Scott concert that resulted in numerous fatalities. 

Nurse Madeline Eskins was in attendance at the Astroworld festival in Houston, Texas, when members of the crowd watching Scott’s performance began to surge towards the stage.

At least eight people lost their lives and numerous others were injured as a result of the surge, with Eskins herself having passed out because ‘people were pushing up against [her] so much that [she] couldn’t breathe’.

In a lengthy Facebook post shared after the tragic events, the nurse explained how her friend ‘got people to apparently crowd surf [her] unconscious body to the security guard’, after which she was placed on a stool and given a bottle of water.

Eskins said she had ‘no clue what had happened’ when she woke up, but she quickly realised there were a number of people in danger as she allegedly saw people ‘getting carried out with eyes rolled back into their heads by security, bleeding from their nose and mouth’.

Telling a security guard she was a nurse, Eskins checked two people and claims she found one ‘did not have a pulse’. Another guard asked for help with other people who had been pulled from the crowd and she described relieving ‘one medic of CPR’ as there were ‘not enough medics’ to handle the situation.

Eskins claims to have learned there was just one ‘amu bag, one stretcher and one AED (automated external defibrillator)’ to treat people who were ‘pulseless’, and described the entire scene as an ‘absolute sh*t show’.

She wrote: ‘For the remainder of the concert I was doing compressions, bagging and helping move people to stretchers and checking pulses on new bodies as they got crowd-surfed to where we were. people were trampled, crushed.’

Eskins claimed people were ‘begging the crew’ to stop the concert, and described herself as ‘so disappointed and sad’ at the way the situation unfolded. Eventually, she claims, ‘cops showed up with more stretchers and started getting people out’.

Houston Police Department has confirmed it is investigating the events.

If you have experienced a bereavement and would like to speak with someone in confidence contact Cruse Bereavement Care via their national helpline on 0808 808 1677

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