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Man tries $550 ‘Uber’ for private jets and reveals the incredible perks

Man tries $550 ‘Uber’ for private jets and reveals the incredible perks

DownieLive documented his private jet experience and it wasn't what he expected

We've all used Uber after a night out or when we're feeling a bit lazy, but could you imagine requesting a private jet instead?

Well, it turns out there's an'Uber'-style app for private jets and one guy crunched the numbers to see what you get for your bucks using the little-known service.

YouTuber DownieLive, better known as Mike, tried an app that's been dubbed the 'Uber' version of flying - and it's truly as amazing as you'd expect.

"They say the app is just like Uber for private jets," he said. "We're gonna give it a try."

Mike tried the 'Uber' for private jets. (YouTube/DownieLive)
Mike tried the 'Uber' for private jets. (YouTube/DownieLive)

The app is called Airble and it is available on the App Store.

Demonstrating it in action, Mike said: "It is very simple. You type in where you want to go and what dates you want to fly.

"It gives you a list of planes that are available for you on that date and you just pick the one that you want."

The YouTuber explained how the app takes advantage of something called Deadhead, which is when a pilot or crew needs to return to their home base after a flight.

That's one way to do it. (YouTuber/Downielive)
That's one way to do it. (YouTuber/Downielive)

Typically, the jet will only be carrying a couple of people, so there are a lot of empty seats.

The app takes advantage of this by allowing the public to book these empty seats for a 'hugely discounted price,' according to the YouTuber.

Of course, it's still going to be pretty expensive, it is a private jet after all.

However, Mike managed to get a one-hour flight from Vancouver to Kelowna using the app.

The YouTuber paid $542.29 for the privilege - which is a pretty good price to eliminate five hours of driving and four additional hours of flying.

It's certainly travelling in luxury. (YouTube/DownieLive)
It's certainly travelling in luxury. (YouTube/DownieLive)

Mike quickly realized he paid only about $150 more than economy class ($398 for a four-hour flight) and saved almost $300 compared to business class, which comes in at a whopping $810.

Flying in a private jet comes with many benefits, including a completely separate area for you to check-in.

On top of that, there were no queues, no waiting for baggage (since you load it yourself onto the plane), a private lounge, no restrictions on liquids, no waiting for other passengers, and even a personal escort to the plane by the pilot themselves.

Talk about luxury, eh.

Featured Image Credit: DownieLive/YouTube

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