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Tourist visiting Australia explains why she felt ‘underwhelmed’ by ‘bland’ visit
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@gracietravels

Tourist visiting Australia explains why she felt ‘underwhelmed’ by ‘bland’ visit

A US travel blogger was left 'underwhelmed' after she visited Australia last year

With the festive season well and truly out of the way and the January blues starting to kick in, there is one thing on everyone's, of course.

Whether that be a trip to Greece and Spain in Europe, or somewhere a little further like Australia - many of us will be thinking about our summer travel plans right now.

Australia, for example, is seen as the dream holiday for a lot of folks. Whether that be for the glorious beaches or amazing hikes.

However, popular TikToker and US travel blogger Grace Cheng was far from impressed with the country after she visited for two weeks in May last year.

See what she thought:

In fact, Grace dubbed Australia as 'bland' after she explored Melbourne, Gold Coast, Byron Bay and Sydney.

In a video uploaded to her TikTok account @gracietravels last month, Grace said Australia has 'mediocre' beaches and cities, adding it doesn't help that the country is so far away from any others.

"If you watched my previous video I mentioned how it was bland. If I'm being honest, none of the cities really stood out to me," the content creator said.

"I know it's probably on me for not having the best travel itinerary, but if you're comparing to world standards, the cities aren't that interesting.

"Australia is very much known for its nature instead. The trip pretty much consisted of mediocre beaches and city life."

Grace went on to say that Sydney was 'a bit underwhelming' in her opinion, before adding the travel time between countries as another negative.

"Australia is also just so far away from everywhere else in the world. Travelling time alone probably takes over 24 hours," she said.

"It can be a little bit inconvenient and a hassle if you're not getting the most out of this country"

The tourist was not impressed by Australia.

While there may have been an awful lot of drawbacks to Australia according to Grace, she did mention some positives to visiting the country in the video.

Particularly, Grace said that Australia is a lot cheaper as compared to Paris and London.

"I don't wanna only talk about the negatives, I did have a good time here," she said.

"I know a lot of people say that travelling here is expensive and while it is, it's not comparable to places like Paris or London."

Lots of people disagreed with her in the comments, however.

There was also no culture shock for the tourist.

"Obviously, it was super easy to get around because there was no language barrier," Grace said.

"It's not too big of a culture shock coming from the states either. I will say the lingo is different and it was hard at some times to understand what the locals were saying."

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