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Woman shocked after losing over $10,000 as her cruise was canceled following small mistake

Woman shocked after losing over $10,000 as her cruise was canceled following small mistake

Tiffany Banks has reportedly been denied a refund from Carnival Cruises after her trip was canceled

A couple who had been planning their luxury cruise for a year were left devastated when their booking was suddenly cancelled.

Tiffany Banks has gone viral on TikTok in recent days after detailing her alleged experience with Carnival Cruises.

According to the mom-of-four, she spent around $13,000 on a Presidential Excel suite onboard the cruise line's high-class ship, the Celebration.

But Tiffany was left understandably confused when she received an email telling her that two of her excursions had been cancelled without her knowledge.

She then proceeded to call Carnival to ask what was going on, when she received some pretty devastating news.

Tiffany recalled: "They said your excursions are cancelled because your cabin was cancelled."

She then went into a 'full blown panic' and was told by one member of staff that there was an online 'glitch' that caused the cancellation. However, a lead at Carnival informed her that her online system had been logged into, which is where the cancellation was made.

But Tiffany, nor her husband, did this.

Tiffany Banks' Carnival cruise vacation was cancelled. (@thathippiedoc/TikTok)
Tiffany Banks' Carnival cruise vacation was cancelled. (@thathippiedoc/TikTok)

"We talked [on the phone] for almost two and a half hours, and the only solution they were willing to offer was two interior rooms," Tiffany further explained.

"I just can't fathom how they think that that's right. Two interior rooms for a Presidential Excel suite, which we have nearly $15,000 tied up in for this vacation including excursions. The room itself was 12 or 13 [thousand dollars]."

Tiffany went on to allege that Carnival Cruises wouldn't give her her money back.

She concluded the seven minute-long video: "Carnival should not be allowed to do this to people at all. Period."

In a follow-up video, Tiffany explained that they may have worked out what happened.

According to the holidaymaker, Carnival send you a vacation countdown to your email - but this isn't something you should share on social media.

This is thought to be down to the fact it shares your booking number and, if you have a person's booking number and surname, you're able to access their Carnival online portal.

"Do not share that booking number," Tiffany urged her followers. "But it shouldn't be such an easy way to go in there and edit somebody's cruise or information. Like, that's not okay. They gotta' do better."

Since sharing her video, the mom-of-four said several others have reached out to her saying they've had a similar experience.

In a separate clip, Tiffany revealed that Carnival have offered her $10,000 credit with them as compensation.

UNILAD has contacted Carnival Cruises for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@thathippiedoc/Getty Images/David Sacks

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