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Passengers thought they 'were going to die' after Boeing flight hit turbulence and 'sent them flying'

Passengers thought they 'were going to die' after Boeing flight hit turbulence and 'sent them flying'

One passenger claimed the 'plane abruptly fell'

Passengers have spoken out about the moment their flight experienced 'strong' turbulence as being like a scene from a 'horror movie'.

Yesterday (July 1), Air Europa Flight UX045 - a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner - took off from Spain, set to travel to Uruguay, however, it ended up being diverted to Natal in Brazil after experiencing turbulence which left a reported 30 passengers injured.

The 325-passenger plane began experiencing turbulence while over the Atlantic, the BBC reports.

Air Europa confirmed the incident in a series of posts to X.

It stated: [Translation] "Our flight UX045 bound for Montevideo has been diverted to Natal airport (Brazil) due to strong turbulence.

"The plane has landed normally and the minor injuries that were reported are already being treated."

Ambulances and fire engines attended the scene, with at least 30 passengers tended to by local medical teams, Brazilian media reports.

Around 10 who had suffered cuts or cranial fractures to their face - having reportedly hit their heads during the incident - were transported to a local hospital.

And several passengers have since spoken out about the 'terrifying' experience.

Passengers are reported as having gone 'flying'.(X/@MarielaJodal)
Passengers are reported as having gone 'flying'.(X/@MarielaJodal)

A passenger called Norys told El Observador the pilot informed passengers the aircraft was about to 'enter a turbulence zone' when the plane was around an hour from South America. Travelers were reportedly told to remain seated and ensure their seatbelts were fastened.

Norys explained at first there was 'very, very slight turbulence' which you could 'barely feel' but then 'suddenly the plane abruptly fell'.

"Those who were not wearing seatbelts flew away and some were stuck to the ceiling," he added.

Another passenger, Federico, claimed children were sent 'flying' and Juan Pablo described the scene as being like a 'horror movie'.

A further traveler called Juan added: "The sensation was terrifying, feeling like you were falling and that it was never going to end. And you were aware that you were falling at an incalculable speed.

"And you felt like it was going to end there, that you were going to die. Until we started to see on the screen that the plane was starting to rise."

The plane diverted to Natal, Brazil. (X/@pichipastoso)
The plane diverted to Natal, Brazil. (X/@pichipastoso)

As per CNN, passenger Stevan told Reuters: "It was a pretty horrible feeling; we thought we were going to die there, but thank God it didn’t happen."

As of yesterday, Air Europa updated a plane had reportedly taken off from Madrid to pick up the passengers from Natal to continue their journey to Uruguay.

The airline added: [Translation] "We inform that our clients are moving to Recife, where they will stay and then travel to Montevideo.

"Natal was the airport that could serve passengers with medical needs the fastest. As it is not an AirEuropa destination, company personnel travel to Natal and Recife also to provide better service to our clients. All people who have required healthcare are being treated in centers in Natal.

"Passengers will be notified with updated information about this operation. We will update with more information."

UNILAD has contacted Air Europa for further comment.

Featured Image Credit: X/@pichipastoso/X@MarielaJodal

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