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Trans model sends powerful message as she goes topless at White House after meeting President Biden
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@therosemontoya

Trans model sends powerful message as she goes topless at White House after meeting President Biden

Rose Montoya was one of hundreds attending the annual Pride event at the White House, which was the largest to date.

A trans model and activist has made a powerful statement by going topless at the White House – after meeting President Biden.

Rose Montoya was among the hundreds of attendees at the Pride event on the South Lawn, when she decided to go topless whilst standing beside the Truman Balcony.

Whilst many conservatives have criticised the 27-year-old, she has hit back with an important message about female bodies.

It’s after the model shared a video of the moment on social media, with the short montage receiving over 4,700 like on Instagram in less than 24 hours.

The clip also showed Montoya meeting President Biden and the First Lady, after they gave an address on the South Lawn during the huge Pride event.

Pushing back against the increasing amount of anti-LGBTQ+ bills passed this year, the clip showed Jill Biden telling visitors: “You are loved, you are beautiful, you are heard, you belong.”

Meanwhile, President Biden made a similar statement saying that the LGBTQ+ community were ‘some of the bravest and most inspiring people’ he’d ever known.

Montoya even got a selfie with the commander-in-chief, as he greeted members of the public with the ageing politician accidentally recording himself than taking a photo.

Shortly after this, the Idaho-born model decided to bare her breasts in front of the Truman Balcony alongside trans men– sparking an intense backlash when she later uploaded the clip to social media.

Rose Montoya has hit back at critics with a follow up video.

However, the activist has hit back at her critics with a follow-up video on social media.

Referring to this in her video, the 27-year-old said: “Going topless in DC is legal, and I fully support the movement to free the nipples.”

The trans creator then questioned why her chest was now sexualised, purely because she now identified as a woman.

“Why is my chest now deemed inappropriate or illegal when I show it off?” she pointedly argued.

“All you’re doing is affirming I’m a woman.”

Continuing, she told her 103,000 Instagram followers: “My trans masculine friends were showing off their top surgery scars and living in joy and I wanted to join them.”

Montoya, who began transitioning in 2015, then revealed that she’d also covered her nipples during the incident to be ‘safe’ - insisted that she had ‘zero intention of trying to be vulgar’.

Instead, the model told viewers that she was simply ‘existing’ in her body.

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