Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree Shocks Londoners With Its Sad Appearance


Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree Shocks Londoners With Its Sad AppearancePA/Alamy/Matthew Chattle

The Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square has officially ruined the festive season already. 

Cancel your plans to go to London to see the lights, because Christmas has been cancelled before the build-up has barely even begun.


Maybe there was a tighter budget, or maybe they reused last year’s, but whatever happened to create such a depressing-looking Christmas tree has left Londoners fuming.

Christmas is a time for joy, giving, celebrations, and wholesome lights – but apparently no longer the latter.

This Christmas tree – which looks as if it’s been plucked like a turkey – is so barren that it will likely make children stop believing in Santa. Though to be honest, it is pretty symbolic of the past two years.


Looking like a rabid reindeer has munched off pretty much all of its branches and left it stranded in the centre of Trafalgar Square without what appears to even be any lights, one of London’s usually most iconic trees has well and truly killed the Christmas spirit.

Dan Barker revealed the tree via his Twitter, noting that if ‘you zoom, the lights are on already’.

His post has since amassed more than 900 likes and 300 comments, with users raining down on the comments in utter fury. One said: ‘It’s like the government. We can see right through it.’


Another wrote:

Brexit tree. Promised so much to some but totally let down and now an embarrassment to the country and the rest of the world.

A third commented: ‘Interflora clearly forgot to include the little sachet of plant feed.’

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@danbarker/ Twitter
  1. @danbarker/ Twitter

    The Trafalgar Square tree has arrived

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