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Toy Company Criticised For How It Makes Black Baby Dolls

Toy Company Criticised For How It Makes Black Baby Dolls

A woman was shocked when she came across the design in a store

A mum has slammed an Australian toy manufacturer over its design of Black dolls.

Jean, from Sydney, was taken aback when she went shopping recently and came across a bunch of 'anatomically correct' Miniland Dolls.

She noticed quickly that there was a clear difference between the white and brown dolls, and the dolls that are supposed to depict Black children.

In a short clip posted to Jean's TikTok account, the Black doll has a visibly larger and more pronounced nose and lips than those of the other designs.

Jean posted the video with the caption: "This is what buying Black dolls in Australia is like."

Since it was shared, it has been viewed more than 3.2 million times, with thousands of people sharing their thoughts on the dolls.

A woman criticised the design of a black doll she saw at a store in Australia.

Commenting on the post, one user said: "THE LIPS AND NOSE." Another wrote: "Blink, blink."

"Oh wow," put a third, while another added: "The nose and lips."

Not everyone was so critical, though, some couldn't see a problem.

One user chimed in: "Crazy, I didn't even notice it until I read the caption."

Another added: "I think the Black doll is cute."

Upon the advice of people in the comments, Jean went to Kmart to have a look at their dolls so that she could compare them with the Miniland Dolls, and she was much more impressed with the designs.

In a follow-up video, it's clear that each of the dolls has similar facial features as one another.

The black doll's features are very different to those of the white doll.

Sharing the video, Jean wrote: "So I went to Kmart and found some really cute Black dolls. It’s not just about representation it’s equally important HOW we are presented!!"

There were plenty of people who were in agreement with her.

Commenting on the post, one user said: "Much more realistic than the last one," to which Jean replied: "Exactly my thoughts."

UNILAD has contacted Miniland Dolls for a comment.

If you have a story you want to tell, send it to UNILAD via [email protected]

Featured Image Credit: @jeanchronicles/TikTok

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