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Tourist shamed after he commits 'disrespectful act' in Bali
Featured Image Credit: @thecanggupole/Instagram

Tourist shamed after he commits 'disrespectful act' in Bali

The man has been heavily criticised for his actions while on holiday

An Australian man has come under fire for his actions in Bali after he was filmed committing a 'disrespectful' act during his holiday.

The gentlemen in question took it upon himself to swing around in circles on a bike causing burnout, which blocked the flow of traffic.

He is seen donning a Burberry T-shirt, Nike TN trainers and is heard shouting: “What happens in Bali, stays in Bali."

You can watch it here:

After being shared on The Canggy Pole Instagram page, many have since criticised the man for his reckless behaviour, as reported by

One person said: “S**t tats, no helmet and TNs. It was bound to happen really.”

A second person added: “The no helmet and sh*t tattoo combo,” while a third said: “Combined with zero respect for the property of others.”

Meanwhile, another claimed: “Not even Australians want this guy back.”

An Australian man was labelled ‘disrespectful’ after he did burnouts in the middle of the street in Bali.

This is the not the first incident of an Australian behaving badly on the island, as Nicholas Carr, an apprentice builder from Adelaide was accused of assault after fly-kicking a man off his motorbike while under the influence of alcohol.

The incident went viral and he became known as 'Fly Kick Nick' by inmates at Kerobokan jail, but still walked free.

Bali remains a very place to visit for Australians, and it is estimated that 1.23 million tourists from Down Under visited the island in 2019.

Despite the two aforementioned incidents, however, the Balinese authorities still seem keen to welcome in Aussie visitors who want to live and work on the island tax free for six months.

By using the B211A visa, remote workers can do online work for that period without paying any taxes.

The man was heard laughing.

According to ABC, the original proposal for a digital nomad visa that lasts up to five years is still a possibility and remains under discussion.

However, one of the most bizarre indiscretions concerning one Australian’s visit to Bali came when a backpacker was fined a staggering $2,664 for trying to bring McDonald's food from Bali into Australia. reported that the traveller provided a 'false and misleading document' and didn't properly declare their fast food cargo.

The backpacker clearly did not realise that by failing to declare produce that may create biosecurity issues results in some seriously hefty fines.

In fact, the $2,664 fee was twice the price of the Bali airfare! It would be fair to say the backpacker wasn’t ‘loving it’ after paying that sort of money!

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