Tom Hanks Reveals His Favourite Three Films He Ever Made


Tom Hanks Reveals His Favourite Three Films He Ever MadeAlamy

Tom Hanks has revealed his top three favourite films from his incredible career.

Hanks ranked his choices while being interviewed on The Bill Simmons Podcast, discussing his career and promoting his new movie Finch, a sci-fi drama that follows a robot living on a post-apocalyptic earth.


While we’d find it impossible to choose our favourite, the Forrest Gump actor ran away with the question, picking his top three films based on ‘personal experience’.

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Simmons raised the subject after revealing he’d heard the question from a fan, saying:

If you asked a thousand people their top three favourite Tom Hanks movies, and you took [Forrest] Gump off the table […] then all the responses would be different for all the people.


In reply, the Toy Story actor clarified that he picked his movies based on his own experience making them, rather than ‘the way the movies came out’.

So, get ready to argue with your friends about his response, because Hanks’ choices are like a box of chocolates.

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The actor’s first choice was A League of Their Own, because ‘all [he] did all summer was play baseball’.


He went on to add:

It was a big a** summer in the mid-west, we lived in a house in the middle of corn-fields. We went to Burger King at night and Dairy Queen in the afternoon.

Sounds like our idea of a perfect holiday too.

Tim Horner

Hanks continued by revealing his next choice was Castaway, as he and his family had ‘bold adventures’ in between filming.

He also spoke excitedly about his commute to work, where he would swim onto his boat and travel to and from Monuriki island, where they were filming.

He recounted:

We would just head for the horizon stars for 50 minutes, standing on the fly-bridge, pondering all that we had shot and what we still had to do.


Definitely beats the tube at rush hour.

Susan Sarandon in Cloud AtlasWarner Bros. Pictures

For his final choice, Hanks picked Cloud Atlas because he and the team shot it ‘on a hope and a dream and nothing but a circle of love’ across multiple countries.

The reasons behind the actor’s ‘big three’ are pretty convincing, and each film had one noticeable thing in common – his family were present during each shoot.

Did Hanks pick your top three?

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