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Tinder Swindler: Simon Leviev Denies Faking Being A Medical Worker To Get Covid Vaccine Early

Tinder Swindler: Simon Leviev Denies Faking Being A Medical Worker To Get Covid Vaccine Early

The convicted fraudster appeared to have received the vaccine while it was being given out to priority groups.

The subject of Netflix's latest documentary The Tinder Swindler has denied allegations that he posed as a medical worker in order to obtain the coronavirus vaccine early.

As detailed in the film released on the streaming service this month, Shimon Hayut conned a number of women he met on Tinder into giving him millions of dollars by pretending his name was Simon Leviev, son of a billionaire diamond trader named Lev Leviev.

Hayut was sent to prison in 2019 as a result of his crimes, though he was reportedly released in 2020 after serving just five months behind bars. His release came in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, and after proving himself to be a conman through Tinder he now faces accusations of having fooled vaccination centre workers into giving him the vaccine early.

According to Channel 12, per the Times of Israel, Hayut posted a video to social media in 2020 where he appeared to be getting the vaccine as part of Israel's mass vaccination program. However, at the time the shots were only being administered to medical workers, those over the age of 60 and at-risk groups.

As Hayut is not believed to meet any of these criteria, Channel 12 looked into how he might have received the vaccine and learned Hayut allegedly misled staff at the Clalit health maintenance organisation, in the central city of Bnei Brak, into believing he was a medical worker after initially being denied the shot.

The convicted fraudster is said to have hung around at the centre after being turned away and later tagged along with a group of medical workers, claiming to be a paramedic. No one checked his credentials, and he successfully received the shot.

Clalit health maintenance organisation released a statement on the matter in which it confirmed Hayut was vaccinated 'after he presented himself as a medical worker.'

Vaccine (Alamy)
Vaccine (Alamy)

It continued: 'As soon as it became clear that it was an impersonation, we began to investigate the incident, including refreshing instructions on the matter. It is regrettable that there are people who are harming the trust shown by staff and we condemn this act.'

Hayut slammed the claim as 'a lie' and threatened to sue the medical centre after hearing the allegations against him, telling Channel 12 that he actually received the vaccine because he was at risk due to a medical condition. The channel claims to have checked with the Ministry Of Health and learned he had no such ailments, though it is unclear how it confirmed Hayut's medical information.

Shimon Hayut (Netflix)
Shimon Hayut (Netflix)

Hayut argued he is 'not someone who waits in line or at places', adding: 'With all due respect, I will not sit and wait 3-4 hours. I am not someone who waits and no one can say a word about it. I am a businessman. I have money. I can buy anyone or anything that I want.'

When asked if he had paid for his vaccination, the 'Tinder Swindler' responded: 'Let’s say yes. I had an appointment [to be vaccinated], perhaps there was a bug in the computer. This is a third world country, after all.'

Hayut apparently went on to claim that he had helped bring vaccines to Israel, though he did not offer any further explanation as to how he had done so.

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