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TikToker arrested after sleeping on middle of busy Dubai road for video

TikToker arrested after sleeping on middle of busy Dubai road for video

A TikToker who fell asleep in the middle of a road in Dubai for a video ended up getting arrested.

A TikTokker ended up getting arrested after they fell asleep in the middle of a road in Dubai and brought traffic to a halt.

In a now deleted video from the TikTok account @safyandogar70, footage showed a man lying down and seemingly sleeping in the middle of a road in Dubai, and he even appeared to have brought his own pillow with him.

The camera panned across to reveal plenty of cars held up and unable to drive forwards otherwise they'd drive over and injure the man.

According to Dexerto, the voiceover on the video tried to give some explanation to the man's actions.

They said the man's voice was saying that he was not afraid of dying any more, but was terrified of dying in a foreign land.

Rather than dying, it seems as though the man was arrested on 4 October, with police removing the sleeping man from the road.

They did not name the man, who was arrested on Dubai's Salah Al Din Street in the residential district of Al Muraqabbat.

Dubai police later took to social media themselves to state that they had 'arrested an Asian man who endangered his life and the lives of others'.

They said the TikToker had breached the law by endangering themselves and others while lying down in the middle of the road and bringing traffic to a halt.

The man's TikTok video showed him appearing to sleep in the middle of a busy road.

Police warned others that according to the law the man would receive 'imprisonment and/or a fine' as punishment for his actions.

This is by no means the only time a TikToker has landed themselves in deep trouble with the police over antics used to create content.

Recently, a pair of identical twin brothers ended up getting arrested after allegedly staging fake bank robberies to put in a video, leaving them facing up to four years behind bars if found guilty and sentenced harshly.

Alan and Alex Stokes were charged with false imprisonment and falsely reporting an emergency, with videos posted to their social media channels.

In one incident, an Uber driver ended up getting held at gunpoint by police officers after the brothers called a cab and told the driver their getaway vehicle hadn't shown up.

The driver ended up getting ordered out of his car by police, who soon realised he had no idea what was going on and wasn't involved in the pranks.

Sometimes it's easy to think we might end up better off if TikTok went the way of Blockbuster, the dodo and Vine.

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Featured Image Credit: @alalialanjawi/Twitter

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